An E3 Visa Lawyer Can Help

The E3 visa provides Australians with access to work in the US for two years and can easily be renewed, making it ideal for frequent business travelers who require frequent US travel.

The E3 visa is designed for Australian citizens (and their dependent spouses and children) working in specialty occupations and is easier to secure than its H1B counterpart.


This visa class was established for Australian nationals in 2005 and allows them to work in specialty occupations in the US. A job offer from an employer must also be provided along with proof of education and licensure requirements pertaining to that profession, along with having a valid passport.

An experienced visa attorney can make the application process much smoother for you. They will complete Form I-129 and any necessary documents, such as Labor Condition Applications. In addition, they can advise about other visa options like H-1B or L-1 visas as well as complete the interview with the consulate on your behalf.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and demonstrate a substantial body of experience in their specialty field. Furthermore, at least two years prior to filing their application they were employed in this occupation and they will need their credential evaluated by an organization accredited with National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).


If you are an Australian citizen looking for work in a specialty occupation in the US, an E-3 Visa could be just what’s needed to secure it. This visa was specifically created for professionals such as teachers, surgeons, engineers, architects, and accountants; its validity can be extended up to two years and spouses and children can accompany. But please be aware that an offer of employment in order to qualify; additionally an LCA and E-supplement form will need to be filled out – the fees involved with this process could be substantial!


An E3 visa lawyer can guide you through the complex process of acquiring this work visa. They can assist with filling out your I-129 and gathering all required documents; review and ensure complete and accurate applications; this will reduce delays or errors when processing your visa application.

An E-3 visa requires that you are a citizen of Australia with an employment offer that meets certain qualifications in the U.S. Specifically, your job should fit one of the specialization occupations defined by the Department of Labor and pay at least its prevailing wage for that field of profession. Furthermore, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in your field must also be obtained prior to making an application.

If you are considering applying for an E-3 visa in Lake County, consulting with an immigration attorney first is recommended. They can assess whether this route is the best fit for your circumstances while providing other important assistance such as deportation efforts defense or changing legal status adjustments.

Immigration law can be extremely complex, making it essential to consult an experienced immigration attorney in Lake County. They will assist with securing visas or protecting against potential deportation efforts.


E3 visas are for US-based employers looking to hire foreign workers in specialty occupations such as teaching, surgeonship, architecture, engineering and IT work. Spouses and children of applicants who hold such an E3 visa may also qualify. Application processes for E3s are less burdensome than for other visas – proof of employment must be provided alongside letters of support from employers as well as proof that an applicant holds either an academic degree related to his or her specialty and license or certification for said specialty work.

This visa is issued for two years, with renewal options that allow individuals to remain in the US for extended periods. Furthermore, family members of those holding such visas are welcome to join them there.

Acquiring an E-3 visa may seem complicated, but an experienced attorney can make the process simpler. They will prepare all the required documents and file them with the government; furthermore they can guide you through the interview process to ensure all your paperwork is in order. Once filed, holders of documents will attend an interview with a consular officer which usually lasts 45 minutes and during which the officer reviews your documentation before issuing your visa if approved.