Australian Citizens Can Apply For the E3 Visa Category

If you are an Australian national looking to relocate to the US, E3 visa category could be your perfect solution for immigration purposes. Open exclusively to Australian citizens, this work visa circumvents H-1B quota restrictions.

To be eligible, an E3 visa must be supported through a Labor Condition Application (LCA), filed with USCIS.

Specialty Occupation Requirements

Individuals applying for E3 visas need to demonstrate their work qualifies as a specialty occupation, which may not always be easy due to USCIS requirements for such occupations. In general, it requires the theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge equivalent to having earned a bachelor’s degree in that specific field.

If you wish to apply for an E3 visa and work in the United States, all the appropriate qualifications and credentials must be presented in order to demonstrate that your occupation meets this criterion. These credentials include having a valid passport as well as having received approval of your labor conditional application (LCA). It should also be noted that dependent spouses or children will require their own LCAs in addition to your own application for an E3 visa.

Applying for an E3 visa requires either changing status inside the United States, or at a consulate abroad. While applying at the consulate is usually faster, due to pandemic effects on application processing times it could take longer for your visa approval process than usual. It’s wise to seek professional advice to make sure your application contains all relevant documents.

Licensing Requirements

The E-3 visa is for Australian citizens looking to temporarily work in the United States as part of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement and only applies if you are engaged in “specialty occupations.” Therefore, it is crucial that any prospective roles qualify as specialty occupations and that all licensing requirements for your profession are fulfilled before applying. For further assistance please reach out to an immigration lawyer.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, applicants must possess both a degree in their field of specialization and two years of relevant work experience, in addition to receiving a job offer from a US employer. An initial two year E-3 visa can be granted; its duration can then be extended up to two additional years by increments of up to two more years each time it’s renewed.

An E-3 visa requires having extensive ties both to Australia and the US, such as employment history or financial investments in each. Furthermore, applicants must demonstrate they intend to return home after their stay ends.

Before applying for an E-3 visa at a U.S. Consulate abroad, your employer must submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA). In this form, they must demonstrate they were unable to find similarly skilled US employees and offer you a reasonable prevailing salary within your field of specialization.

Education Requirements

The E-3 visa category applies to citizens of Australia performing temporary work in a specialty occupation. According to US Immigration and Nationality Act definition, such an occupation must require “the theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge with at least a bachelor’s or higher degree (or its equivalent) required as minimum for entry.”

As opposed to H-1B work visa categories, E-3 visas do not have an annual limit; however, there are still certain criteria that must be fulfilled, including having been offered employment by a US employer in an occupation-specific field.

Your passport should also be valid. Applicants for E-3 visas can submit applications either from within or outside the US; when applying outside, USCIS requires filing Form I-129 petitioning for nonimmigrant worker and Form DS-160 before attending consular interview – it’s wise to have an experienced immigration attorney prepare them in advance of this step.

Once you obtain an E-3 visa, you are free to begin working in the US and bring along your spouse and any children under 21 as dependents of an E3 visa holder – these people receive their own status as E3 dependents.

Experience Requirements

Are You an Australian Professional Looking for a US Work Visa that Will Enable Stay? Consider The E-3 Category! This category is exclusively reserved for Australian nationals seeking employment that requires theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge.

To qualify for an E3 visa, applicants will require either a Bachelor of Arts in their area of specialty, or demonstrate its equivalent education. Furthermore, at least two years’ relevant work experience within your profession must have been gained either directly in the US, or through training and work experiences gained outside its borders.

This US work visa stands out from others due to not having an annual cap; therefore, your chances of qualifying are much greater compared to non-immigrant work visa categories that often become oversubscribed.

Another key advantage of an e3 visa is that it allows your spouse and children to be included as your dependents, making the application for employment authorization for them much less onerous than filing Form I-765 yourself. This significantly cuts down on paperwork needed in order to gain this US visa.