Can You Transfer Your E3 Visa to a New Passport?

how to transfer e3 visa to new passport

If you are an Australian citizen looking for a visa that will allow them to work temporarily in the US, consider the E3 visa. This special permit permits individuals with specialty occupations work temporarily in specialty occupations for set amounts of time. This article will help determine if it’s right for you, how you can obtain one, and the associated costs.

Can an E3 visa be transferred from one passport to the other? Unfortunately, while this question can be answered in the affirmative, it does not follow that easily as E-3 visas are employer-specific; meaning you must only work for the company that sponsored you and is sponsoring you as you transition between employers.

Once in the United States, switching from an E3 visa to another type of nonimmigrant visa cannot be accomplished within its borders. Instead, this must be done at a US Consulate abroad where they require you to file new petitions, Labor Condition Applications and Form I-129s along with additional documentation.

As part of their E3 visa sponsorship application, your new employer should submit a letter from their company stating they will sponsor you for E3. This should take the same format as the formal offer letter but include additional information (such as confirmation that they will pay at least the prevailing wage for your position in the US).

Once you have all the paperwork together, you should arrange an appointment at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy either domestically in Australia or internationally, depending on your preference. Consulates may take longer than USCIS Service Centers in processing your petition and issuing your visa; so it is wise to plan ahead.

Once your visa has been granted, a notice of approval will arrive in the mail letting you know when and how you can travel back to the US with your family. In order to travel back with them safely and legally, make sure you bring along original copies of both passports as well as dependent ID documents that verify who will accompany you into the U.S.

Remember that your lawful status in the US terminates when your paid employment does. Although a grace period of up to 60 days may apply, for more information it’s best to speak to an immigration attorney directly. Our team at KS Visas can assist with E3 visa and immigration needs – contact us now – the initial consultation is always free! We look forward to speaking to you soon – Sarah McAdams (Visa Consultant).