E-3 Visa – How to Apply For an E-3 Visa

The E-3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa designed to enable Australian citizens temporarily entering the US for specialty occupations. Unlike some work visas like H-1B or LCAs that must be filed with USCIS for approval, such as H-3 visas, this one does not require petitioning them; rather, an employee simply needs an offer of employment at one of U.S. Consulates abroad with an LCA certified by Department of Labor before being eligible. At ASU’s International Students and Scholars Center we can prepare and lodge LCA applications on behalf of E-3 applicants as part of our service offering to applicants who qualify.

Employers must submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA), detailing each task that an employee will complete and how it meets all eligibility criteria of a visa, such as being at or above the prevailing wage for specialty occupation.

Once an LCA is approved, employees can apply at a US Consulate for an E-3 visa. This option can be especially helpful for people already outside the United States who are wanting to change employers, since it avoids long processing times with USCIS (the visa agency that adjudicates work visas), while making it possible to switch employers within the US without leaving and applying again for new visas; it also makes changes possible without leaving before having to reapply; it is the only way of getting an E-3 while participating in Visa Waiver programs as the ESTA program does not allow changes of employer or extension/amendments applications – giving an advantage.

E-3 applicants are typically required to attend an in-person interview at the US Consulate; however, there may be exceptions depending on individual circumstances. It is essential that applicants come fully prepared with documents including proof of employment, financial support and medical records in order to be granted entry.

At your interview with a consular officer, they will check all information provided on your documents and ask about your purpose of visit and dependents before issuing your visa stamp in your passport. Ideally, get everything correct the first time as it can be difficult to rectify errors later. Once you receive back your passport it is crucial that all details of the label – particularly dates! – are checked carefully!

The E-3 visa provides talented, highly skilled professionals an opportunity to work in the US without going through the extensive green card process, which can take 3-20 years and show immigrant intent. Therefore, if you’re considering an E-3 visa application process make sure to speak with a licensed immigration attorney first to assess eligibility and discuss further details regarding how best to approach US immigration! They will be able to answer any queries that arise and help guide you through all its complexities!