E-3 Visa Transfer

E-3 Visa Transfer allows US Citizens to switch employers without leaving the US. Unlike applying for a new visa at the Consulate abroad, E-3 Transfer doesn’t involve travelling out of country and does not result in new passport visa stamps being added to passports.


The E3 visa is ideal for Australian nationals working in specialty occupations in the US. To apply, a number of requirements must be fulfilled; including having received an acceptable job offer from an US company as well as filing with the Department of Labor a Labor Condition Application showing your wages will meet or surpass those prevailing wages in your work location.

An undergraduate degree or the equivalent professional experience is crucial in order to satisfy the visa’s “specialized knowledge” requirement. If you don’t possess either of these credentials, years of work experience may suffice instead – although at least 12 years must have passed prior to satisfying this condition.

As part of meeting visa qualifications, you’ll also need a valid passport and a copy of your LCA. Furthermore, your spouse should receive a work authorization document so they may legally work and contribute towards offsetting living costs in the US. In some instances a medical examination and proof of vaccinations will also be necessary.


E3 visas are available to Australian nationals seeking employment in specialty occupations in the US. Obtaining this type of visa requires having been offered employment by a US-based company as well as proof that this employer can pay them an amount that equals or surpasses prevailing wages in their field. Furthermore, E3 permits family members of holders to join them in America.

An E3 visa applicant must be an Australian citizen and hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their field of interest. They also require an employer who will sponsor them by filing the necessary documentation such as Labor Condition Application forms.

E3 visas are valid for two years, but can be renewed indefinitely. Spouses and children of E3 visa holders can obtain dependent E-3 visas that will enable them to work legally in the US.

Visas may be obtained either by filing a petition in the US or at a US Consulate abroad, though applying at a Consulate generally offers much faster processing times; you may even complete your process within weeks!


An E-3 visa transfer requires several essential documents. Chief among them is an LCA that must be certified by the US Department of Labor; this application should be filed by prospective employers to certify that positions pay at least the prevailing wage in their areas of operations. Furthermore, foreign nationals will also need to provide copies of job offer letters and educational credentials.

E-3 visas offer many advantages over H1B work visas, such as lower processing fees and no annual lottery lottery; plus they allow their holders to bring family members over with them into the US.

If you are currently in the US, two options exist to change your status: (1) Vermont service center application (2) leaving and making an E3 visa transfer application at a US consulate overseas (3) If choosing either of these routes, an interview may be required as proof that you are Australian citizen

E3 visa transfers usually take between 4-6 months to process, depending on factors like season and other considerations. To simplify the process and reduce stress during this process, consider hiring a professional who can guide you through each step while offering support throughout.


E3 visas allow Australian citizens to temporarily work in the US in specialty occupations under an agreement between Australia and the US; unlike more popular E1 and E2 visa categories, however, these do not lead to permanent residency or a Green Card status.

To obtain an E3 visa, it requires the completion and submission of Form DS-160 as well as various supporting documentation. You will also be interviewed by a consular officer; although this process can be daunting and stressful, preparation is key; they will ask about your background and nature of job you have been offered before reviewing all supporting documents before determining whether or not to grant you visa status.

Interviews will usually last only a few minutes and should be conducted personally with the consular officer, who will inspect your fingerprints and photograph to make sure you are who you claim to be. A clean passport containing an application package must also be brought.

As you await an interview, it can help to keep calm and remember that many other Australian expats have gone through similar experiences before you. There are a variety of resources available to help prepare for an E3 interview including practice interviews and videos with simulated E3 interviews.