E3 Nonimmigrant Visa

e3 immigrant visa

Australian nationals looking to work in the USA should consider applying for an E3 visa as an effective and cost-efficient means of doing so, although its application process may be lengthy and cumbersome. Most E3 applicants must make their applications at a US consate abroad.

This article will outline the process, eligibility requirements and cost involved with applying for US consular officer visas. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to prepare for your interview.

What is the E3 visa?

The E3 visa is an employment-based US nonimmigrant visa available to Australian citizens seeking temporary work in a specialized occupation. E3 holders can stay up to two years and may extend it indefinitely as long as they continue meeting requirements; making this an excellent solution for professionals seeking long-term US residency without becoming permanent residents.

To qualify for an E3 visa in America, applicants must possess both a valid Australian passport and genuine offer of temporary employment from an American employer in a specialty occupation. You also must hold all necessary academic qualifications and credentials – this may include possessing at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent; professional experience or licensure requirements in your field of specialisation should also be met before an adjudication decision on an E-3 application can be made.

Your employer must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) on your behalf with the Department of Labor and pay you an appropriate wage commensurate with your qualifications and duties. This LCA should accompany your E-3 petition and must be approved in order to proceed to an interview. Your lawyer can help prepare you for this interview by reviewing your case and providing all of the relevant documentation, while premium processing speeds up the decision time considerably.

How do I apply for an E3 visa?

When applying for an E3 visa, there are a few key points you need to keep in mind. First of all, you will require an offer from a US employer in a specialty occupation requiring at least a bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent professional experience). Furthermore, you should demonstrate your expertise in your chosen field and qualify to hold a license to practice – or show you have demonstrated this within an acceptable timeframe if this has yet to occur.

Apply for an E3 visa either inside the United States or at one of our consulates abroad. While applying at a consulate is generally quicker, beware that additional costs may arise: for instance, paying $100 as visa issuance fee doubled by spouse joining you; plus $131 consular application fee will need to be added into account.

Once your application has been received, the next step will be an interview at an embassy or consulate. Here, an officer will assess your qualifications and work history before determining if you meet all of the criteria necessary to secure an E3 visa – once granted, your American dream can begin!

What are the requirements for an E3 visa?

Australian citizens with an offer of employment in a specialty occupation in the US who meet other requirements can apply for an E3 visa that lasts up to two years and can be renewed indefinitely.

To apply for an E3 visa you must be outside the United States and submit either a change of status petition or visa application. A change of status petition can take anywhere between four and eight months before it’s approved by USCIS; by contrast submitting your visa application directly with a consulate can often be much faster and expedient – however you will still be responsible for paying international airfare costs for yourself and any family members joining you.

If applying from within the US, you will first need to change your status with your new employer and present evidence that you meet all requirements of the job (LCA certification for instance). Furthermore, all necessary documents (valid passport and approval notice copy of LCA etc) will need to be produced as well as completion of Form DS-160 before attending an interview at either an US Embassy or Consulate.

Interviewing is one of the most crucial steps of the process. A consular officer will assess your character, qualifications and work experience in order to assess if you qualify for a visa. Therefore, it’s vital that you take enough time and care in preparation for this interview as well as hiring a knowledgeable immigration attorney who will assist with its preparation.

What are the benefits of an E3 visa?

The E3 visa is an excellent choice for professionals seeking work in the United States, offering numerous advantages over H1B status, such as shorter processing time and greater ability to transfer between employers. Furthermore, its cap/quota has never been reached, making this visa available to all qualifying candidates.

To qualify for an E3 visa in the US, you must have an employer based in the US with an offer in a specialty occupation paying at least the prevailing wage in your metropolitan area(s) where you will work. Your employer must file an ETA Form 9035 labor certification application with the Department of Labor before you can submit your visa application.

After providing all necessary documents, a visa interview will take place at a US Consulate in your home country to ascertain whether or not you meet all requirements for an E3 visa. Your immigration lawyer should prepare you thoroughly for this interview to ensure all required documents are collected and ready for submission.

E3 visas offer another advantage over change of status with USCIS in that direct applications at U.S. Consulates may save valuable time. While this method may work for some, it should only be pursued if appropriate and should only be undertaken carefully by those eligible.