E3 Visa Appointments

e3 visa appointments

If you are applying for an E3 visa from outside of the US (rather than through USCIS), a consular interview must take place. Here, a consular officer will decide if an E3 visa should be granted or denied.

Before your upcoming interview, there are numerous things to keep in mind and we have covered them extensively in a prior blog post.


If your employer plans on sponsoring you as an E-3 visa holder, it’s essential that you prepare carefully. There are various components involved with applying for E-3 visas including an extensive document checklist and visa interview; Galstyan Law has extensive experience assisting Australians transition into US work-life, so let us put that expertise to work for you too.

As soon as your employer files an LCA with the Department of Labor, the first step should be for them to pay at or above prevailing wage for your occupation and there are no strikes, lockouts or work stoppages in your field at that time of filing the LCA.

Once your LCA application has been approved, the next step in applying for a visa with the US Consulate will be filling out form I-129 and providing copies of supporting documents – the most crucial being an official letter from your new US employer meeting certain requirements.

As the final step of your application process, attending your visa interview is crucial. Depending on the consulate, this may take up to a day and you should bring all supporting documents for review. When booking an interview slot online, specific instructions will be sent out regarding what can and cannot be brought into the consulate, when to arrive and other essential details.


E3 visa processing can often be speedy and straightforward as it doesn’t involve filing any petition with USCIS (the agency responsible for adjudicating work visa petitions such as H-1B). However, there are still a few essential documents you will need in order to ensure a smooth interview experience.

These documents include an LCA (Labor Condition Application) completed by your employer, an offer letter detailing specific salary amounts and wages in the U.S. for that occupation, as well as your job duties and responsibilities.

If you don’t possess a degree, an independent assessment service may provide an Equivalency Letter which demonstrates how your years of experience equate to that of a Bachelors Degree holder.

Once ISSS receives your documentation in DestinyOne, we will begin the certification process with the Department of Labor and send a copy back to you for use at an Embassy/ Consulate abroad – who will determine whether you can enter for the period listed on your LCA. Usually interviews can be scheduled within 4-6 weeks after submission; wait times at some Embassies can extend past this.


The E3 visa is an attractive work permit option for Australian citizens who wish to live and work in the United States, offering many advantages both employers and Australian workers, such as minimal application fees, faster processing times, unlimited renewals and the option to bring family members along for the ride.

Finding an employer willing to sponsor you for an E3 visa application is the first step of applying for one, followed by filing Form I-129 with USCIS for approval and receiving an interview appointment letter via either their online portal or call center.

Once your interview is scheduled, gather all necessary documentation and travel to the consulate appointment. At your interview you will be asked questions regarding your background and employment with the company sponsoring your petition.

After your interview is complete, you will be issued an E3 visa which must be brought with you whenever traveling abroad. The validity period for this type of visa is two years with an indefinite renewal option compared to H1B which has an annual quota and rejection rate that are much lower; additionally it enables smooth transitions between employers as it offers up to 60-day grace periods upon termination.


Interviews provide you with an opportunity to answer the adjudicator’s questions and demonstrate that you meet the requirements for your visa application. Questions typically move quickly; officers typically ask about your background and your reasons for wanting to work in the US as well as any supporting documents brought along for consideration. Preparation with an immigration lawyer will make this interview quick and successful.

At the forefront of your visa application should be proof that you will return home once your work is finished in the US. Doing otherwise could put your application at risk and could result in its denial.

Your immigration lawyer will prepare and support you through the E3 visa interview. At your interview, it will be necessary to bring: A valid passport; Additional supporting documents as per requirements by law (i.e. medical record; tax forms etc);

Form DS-160 Confirmation Page

Prove that You Paid the Visa Application Fee

Your employer has extended a job offer that outlines your role and salary details.

The US Embassy will review your documents and will schedule an interview for you with a consular officer who will assess your case and decide if an E3 visa should be granted to you.