E3 Visa – Australia’s Second Job Opportunity

Australian citizens looking to work in the US may benefit from applying for an E3 visa as it’s easier and less costly than H1B visa applications, allowing dependent spouses to also work here.

To qualify, it is necessary to have employment in an eligible specialty occupation. This article will explain how to get a second E3 visa.


An E-3 visa permits Australian citizens to temporarily work in the US. This nonimmigrant visa can be extended for up to two years at a time and renewed indefinitely; its application process is much quicker and simpler than H1B visa applications; no annual cap exists, making this more cost-effective and accessible to employers; spouses and children of E3 visa holders can join them in America as well.

An E3 visa must be earned through work that falls into a category known as “specialty occupations”. A minimum bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in work experience in that specific specialty must be held, along with at least the prevailing wage for that occupation and documentation and files from your company for hiring the foreign national into that role.

One of the key steps in acquiring an E3 Visa is filling out Form DS-160, the online nonimmigrant visa application. Following that step is meeting with a consular officer – either locally in Australia or globally and can be scheduled via USCIS’ website – followed by interview preparation with your visa officer ensuring maximum eligibility for an E3 visa. An immigration lawyer can prepare you for this interview to maximize eligibility.


Australian citizens may qualify for an E-3 visa to work in the US if they have been offered employment in a specialty occupation. This visa lasts two years but can be renewed indefinitely; spouses of E-3 visa holders can also work.

Australians looking to work in the United States frequently opt for the E3 visa as it’s much simpler and less costly than its H1B counterpart. Australians can obtain this visa either through filing a change of status in the US, or applying at one of our consulates abroad – however applying at a consulate abroad will usually provide quicker results than filing changes of status in-country.

Aussie Recruit can assist with this problem by connecting E-3 visa-friendly companies to our talent network, where you’ll hear about job opportunities without incurring an annual membership fee or meeting specific qualifications for work visa. However, our network membership does not preclude you from qualifying for any jobs; you must still meet their qualifications for each role that may arise and demonstrate you possess relevant skills for each one.

Job Description

One of the major difficulties Australians facing when applying for work on an E-3 visa is finding employers that will accept them. Many companies in the US either don’t understand this category of work visa or mistakenly believe you need an H-1B to be employed – something Aussie Recruit is working to overcome by connecting Australians with employers who accept E-3 visa workers. It is important to remember that an E-3 visa cannot allow self-employment, and wages offered must meet or surpass prevailing wages in your occupation location; and to take note of concurrent E-3 applications or change jobs should leave before applying at a consulate abroad if desired.

Work Permit

The E-3 visa provides Australian citizens looking to work in the US an excellent option, however it’s essential that they understand its restrictions before applying. You are limited to working for one employer at any given time; being self-employed is prohibited; having at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent professional experience; plus being granted an LCA from the Department of Labor are just a few requirements needed for approval.

Not only must you meet visa requirements, but you should have an excellent knowledge of the US immigration process as a whole. If you need assistance or guidance through this process, speaking with an immigration attorney would be beneficial as they will guide and direct your application in an accurate and timely fashion.

An E-3 visa can be applied for either from within the United States or at an US consulate abroad, with the latter typically providing more convenience as it reduces travel hassle. However, please keep in mind that consular processing times may take longer and fees charged at consulates may often exceed those at Vermont Service Centers.