E3 Visa Duration

The E3 visa is a multiple-entry work visa available to Australian citizens who wish to engage in specialty occupations in the US. You must be sponsored by an employer who has submitted an LCA (Labor Condition Analysis) with the Department of Labor to demonstrate that hiring you won’t negatively affect wages or working conditions for US workers.

Duration of Stay

The E3 visa is open to Australian citizens who have been offered employment in the US for at least two years in an occupation that requires at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience and pays at or above prevailing wages for that occupation category. You may bring spouse and dependents aged under 21 along with you under this visa.

Although the E3 visa can be an ideal way for Australian citizens to live and work in the US, there are certain requirements you must fulfill to be eligible for it. You must first be employed by an employer that has submitted an LCA to the Department of Labor before entering. You also require a valid passport in order to enter.

Your e3 visa USA application could take between four and six weeks, depending on its individual circumstances and processing times at your embassy, as well as whether Premium Processing is available. If you need to extend or change employers quickly, paying the Premium Processing fee can get it processed more quickly (you should receive a response within 15 days). In all instances, valid passports and return tickets to Australia must remain intact during your stay in the US.


The E3 visa is an excellent choice for Australians looking to relocate in search of better career opportunities, and its annual numerical limit has never been met; furthermore, its approval process is easier than that for H1B visa holders. E3 visa holders can bring spouse and children as dependents with them while their application process will require extensive supporting documents and an interview session.

The initial E3 visa lasts two years and may be renewed indefinitely, giving employees time to establish themselves before pursuing permanent residency. Due to its nature, however, dual intent cannot be permitted – individuals must show they plan to remain in the United States.

To extend their stay, employees must file a petition with USCIS. There are two methods for doing this; either leaving the US and applying for a new visa at an Embassy or Consulate overseas or staying within its borders with their employer filing an extension petition of E3 status. Either way, individuals must bring all required documentation such as Form ETA 9035 as proof they could not find suitable US citizens to fill their position as well as meeting academic and occupational criteria requirements for US citizenship status.

Change of Employer

The E3 visa provides Australian professionals looking to move temporarily to the US for work an effective solution, offering numerous advantages over other options – from an easier application process and lower costs, to easy transitions between employers and unlimited renewals – making it a desirable choice among top talent.

This nonimmigrant worker visa may be granted for up to two years and renewed indefinitely, permitting temporary work in specialty occupations. To qualify for this type of work visa, an applicant must possess either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, in addition to receiving at least the prevailing wage in his or her occupational field.

To apply for an E3 visa, foreign nationals must present a letter from an U.S. employer outlining their job title and description; company information; duties involved with work performed as well as salary/bonus information and any compensation details; salary details are optional but strongly preferred.

As well as receiving a job offer, employees must submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA). This form must be filed with the Department of Labor to demonstrate that it meets or exceeds prevailing wage for their occupation.


E3 visa holders who need to extend their stay past two years can file extensions in two-year increments by petition. Extension requests can either be filed while still within the US on an E-3 visa or outside it at one of our consulates abroad.

If an E-3 visa holder plans on applying for an extension while inside the United States, they should set up their interview as far in advance of their current visa’s expiration as possible in order for USCIS to adjudicate and grant an extension before their status expires.

If the holder plans on leaving the United States during their extension processing, they should make sure they leave with a valid passport and complete all necessary paperwork in order to apply for a new visa at a US consulate abroad. It is wise to do this early so they do not leave themselves without documentation necessary and cannot resume work in their home country.

When applying to extend their visa, applicants will be required to submit all relevant documents and attend a visa interview at an American embassy or consulate. It is crucial that they are fully prepared for this interview as the pandemic has reduced USCIS appointment availability at various embassies.