E3 Visa Fees For Australian Citizens Looking to Work in the United States

e3 visa fees

If you are an Australian national looking to work in a specialty occupation in the US, one option available to them is an E-3 visa which can initially last two years and then renewed indefinitely.

However, this type of visa requires extensive paperwork and an interview at the US Embassy. Furthermore, please be aware that USCIS fees have increased for petition-based nonimmigrant visas.

Fees for Premium Processing

The E3 visa is an alternative US work visa available to Australian citizens pursuing specialty occupations. It can be more easily acquired than its H1B counterpart and even include spouses who wish to work in the US.

The E-3 visa offers many advantages, such as minimal application fees, faster processing time and unlimited renewals. Furthermore, there is no annual cap and therefore no visa lottery – making this visa viable year-round and providing easy transition between employers since there are no restrictions to changing jobs.

To apply for an E3 visa, it is essential that you possess both a valid passport and meet its qualifications – such as having at least a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) as well as two years’ professional experience in your chosen specialty occupation; additionally if your job requires licensing then all applicable credentials must also be in place before beginning an application process.

Your E3 visa interview at an American consulate abroad must also take place; the interview will evaluate your qualifications, work history and nonimmigrant intent. There are various steps you can take to prepare yourself for the interview such as paying the fee in advance and gathering all required documents before booking an interview date at a consulate with open interview dates.

Fees for Consular Processing

The E3 Visa is an excellent solution for Australian business professionals wishing to work in the United States. Applying through a US Consulate abroad makes this option particularly attractive; thus enabling those outside of the country who cannot file change of status petitions within its borders to still obtain this work authorization visa. Consular processing generally takes just days or weeks once an interview appointment has been scheduled.

The visa application fee, which costs $315 and is non-refundable, covers administrative processing by USCIS. A visa interview may take anywhere between one to four hours during which a representative from the US Embassy evaluates your character, purpose for travel and intentions to return home as well as questions regarding your background and experience.

An important fee to keep in mind when applying for a visa in the United States is the affidavit of support fee, which must either accompany your application or be submitted separately as proof that the applicant possesses sufficient financial resources to support themselves during their stay here. This document serves to demonstrate this fact.

Fees for Change of Status

Australians looking to work in the US will find that an E-3 visa offers them an ideal solution. This nonimmigrant visa lasts for two years and may be extended indefinitely; additionally, any spouse of an E-3 holder can also apply for their own dependent’s visa.

Start the E-3 process by finding a US employer willing to sponsor you and file Form I-129: Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker at the USCIS Vermont Service Center. They will review your petition to assess if it meets requirements for E-3 visa classification.

Once your petition has been approved, you can schedule your interview at an American Embassy or Consulate abroad. For this, you will need a copy of your LCA as well as proof that you meet the minimum educational and professional qualifications for this visa classification. Furthermore, Form DS-160 must be filled out, paid for and a valid passport brought along for processing.

The E-3 visa offers a more cost-effective application process than many other US work visa options, due to no fraud prevention fees, ACWIA fees or filing fee associated with an LCA petition and lower consular processing fees than for other categories of visas.

Fees for Extension of Stay

The E3 visa provides Australian citizens looking to work in the United States with an excellent opportunity. In order to be eligible, applicants must come here specifically to perform specialty occupations that require at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience – they also need 12 years’ professional experience as proof.

Your employer must submit and have certified an LCA with the Department of Labor to apply. This document must demonstrate that they could not find any US citizens or permanent residents to fill your position, while also paying you a fair salary.

Once your LCA is approved, you can file for an E3 visa. However, your employer must first satisfy all other criteria associated with an E3 visa application, such as having a valid job offer that pays you at least equal to what the department has determined as the prevailing wage for the occupational category where you will work.

Another advantage of the E3 visa is that it can be obtained without going through a change of status petition process. If you live abroad, visa applications can simply be completed at US Consulates overseas – often faster and costing less in terms of international airfare costs than going through an immigration attorney or changing status petition process.