E3 Visa – How to Apply For an E3 Green Card

e3 visa to green card

The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa for Australian nationals who are coming to the US to perform services in a specialty occupation. To be eligible for this visa, you must have a job offer from a US-based employer.

Before you can begin working on the E3 visa, your employer must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor.

What is the E3 visa?

The E3 visa is a non-immigrant work permit that allows Australian citizens to work in specialty occupations. This is a popular alternative to the H1B visa. The E3 visa has several benefits over the H1B, including a lower application fee and a more simplified process.

To qualify for the E3 visa, you must be a citizen of Australia and have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in a field related to your job. You must also have significant specialized knowledge or expertise in your occupation. In addition to these requirements, you must have a sponsoring employer and submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor.

The LCA is a required step to obtain an E3 visa, and it certifies that your employer has filed for an appropriate work visa in your name. It also ensures that you will receive a fair prevailing salary. Some of the other benefits of the E3 visa include: a fast processing time, easy transitions between employers and the ability to bring your family with you.

What is the E3 visa process?

The E3 visa, also known as the Specialty Occupation visa for Australians, is a US work visa that allows qualified professionals from Australia to come to the US temporarily. Unlike other US visas, it is not intended for permanent residency. In order to be eligible for this visa, applicants must have a legitimate offer of employment in a specialty occupation in the US and the required academic qualifications, which can include licensure where applicable. Applicants must also be able to maintain their eligibility by maintaining a valid Labor Condition Application (LCA) and paying the appropriate wage rate.

The process for this visa is similar to that of other US work visas. Typically, your employer will submit a petition to the USCIS on your behalf, called Form I-129. They will also need to provide a LCA and a letter that confirms your offer of employment in a specialty occupation and that you’ll be paid at least the prevailing wage for that particular job.

How do I apply for the E3 visa?

E3 visa applicants can file either a change of status petition or a visa application, depending on their situation. Both forms require a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA or ETA 9035), a letter from the US-based employer that offers employment in a specialty occupation, and proof that the wage offered meets or exceeds the prevailing wage for that occupation.

Once the LCA has been filed, the employee can collect all other required documents and schedule an interview at a U.S. consulate in their country of residence or internationally. Upon booking an appointment the US Consulate will provide specific instructions on what can and cannot be taken into the interview as well as any other details that are important for the E3 visa process.

At the interview, the Embassy will assess whether the applicant is eligible for the visa based on their qualifications and nonimmigrant intent. This may include an assessment of the job offer letter and LCA as well as a full transcript and resume of the applicant’s education, work history, and other credentials.

Can I apply for the E3 visa to get a green card?

To apply for the E3 visa, you must have a job offer from an US employer and have the necessary documentation. This includes a Labor Condition Application (LCA), which can be filed using ETA Form 9035. You will also need to submit a copy of your degree and resume. You can apply for the E3 visa either inside the United States or from abroad, depending on your situation. Generally speaking, applying from abroad is quicker as it does not require a change of status petition and is eligible for premium processing.

The E3 visa offers numerous benefits to employers and workers alike, including low application fees, fast processing times, unlimited renewals, a grace period after termination of employment, and the option to bring spouses and children. It is also not subject to an annual quota and is easy for HR teams to manage. For these reasons, the E3 is a great option for many Australians looking to work in the United States.