E3 Visa Information For Employers

e3 visa information for employers

The E3 visa is a work visa designed for nationals of Australia based on the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement. To be granted one must either obtain it in or outside of the US with proof of Australian citizenship as well as an LCA form being filled out and submitted.

The E3 visa provides several advantages to both employers and employees alike, such as minimal fees, fast processing times, and unrestricted extension opportunities – unlike other US work visas which are subject to annual lottery processes.

Job offer

The E3 visa is a work permit designed for Australian citizens visiting the US to perform services in specialty occupations. First introduced as part of AUSFTA in 2005, this work permit must meet certain criteria – qualifying positions must require at least a bachelor’s degree within a specified field and submit a Labor Condition Application with Department of Labor (DOL).

The Department of Labor ensures that new positions do not adversely affect wages or working conditions of US employees in similar occupational fields, as well as verifying that no qualified US worker was available to fill them. Furthermore, it certifies that employee’s salaries meet prevailing wage standards.

Contrary to its H1B counterpart, the E3 visa doesn’t require filing an I-129 petition with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) before employing skilled Australian workers. With lower costs and faster processing times – making this visa an attractive choice for employers and employees alike. Furthermore, spouses can work under their spouses’ E3 visa by filling out Form I-765 to obtain employment authorization documents (EADs).

Labor condition application (LCA)

The Labor Condition Application (LCA) is an essential document in the E3 visa process. Filed by your employer with the Department of Labor, this certification ensures that the job you are applying for offers a fair prevailing salary and equal working conditions for all. Your employer must make this document available for public inspection as proof they could not find US workers possessing equivalent qualifications and experience to fill this position.

LCAs are an essential element of E3 visa processing and must be filed prior to your interview. Furthermore, should you wish to change employers, new LCAs must be filed and approved by the Department of Labor before starting work again.

E3 visa holders have the opportunity to renew their visa every two years provided they continue meeting its requirements, with renewal applications submitted within five months after expiration date. Unlike popular US work-visa categories like H-1B visa, which have annual caps that must be met, such as E3 permits allow spouses and children to join E3 holders in the US; making travel easier between countries. E3 holders also enjoy a 60-day grace period after employment terminates regardless of its cause – perfect for families that frequently move between countries!

Documents required

E3 visas offer Australian professionals interested in working in the United States an ideal route. Granted by US-based employers who meet specific criteria, E3 visas last for two years with renewal options indefinitely and allow dependent spouses and children of E3 holders to work legally within its borders.

Step one in obtaining an E3 visa is finding employment with a US company, which you can do from Australia by applying for jobs and participating in Skype interviews with prospective employers. Once a job offer has been accepted, your employer will file a petition with USCIS so your visa can be approved; an immigration officer will review this petition to make sure it fulfills all requirements; additionally, US immigration will require them to provide evidence that your employer is paying the prevailing wage for your occupation – this document called Labor Condition Application or LCA forms an integral part of their petition submission.

Form I-134, Affidavit of Support is also necessary, and serves to verify your financial resources in the US. Accuracy on this form is vital; failing to do so could result in the denial of your visa application. Once all necessary documents have been presented to a US Consulate abroad for an interview.

Visa appointment

The E3 visa provides Australian citizens looking to migrate temporarily for work reasons to the US an ideal opportunity. Valid for two years at most and renewable indefinitely, this visa also permits their spouse and children to accompany them during this process.

This visa is part of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement and permits US employers to hire Australian citizens with specialty occupations requiring at least a bachelor’s degree and equivalent professional experience. In order to apply for this visa, an employer must secure a labor certification from the Department of Labor certifying they could not find qualified US workers at prevailing wages; as well as offering fair salary to a foreign national worker hired under this visa program.

Once you have collected all the required documents, they should be submitted to the US Embassy for review. Once received, they will evaluate your case and interview you to ascertain eligibility for a visa; questions during this interview could include education background, work experience and nonimmigrant intent.

Once your interview is complete, the US Embassy or Consulate will inform you of its decision and if approved you will be provided instructions about what documents to bring along for a visa appointment and how best to prepare yourself.