E3 Visa Lawyer – Issuance of an E3 Visa For Australian Nationals

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The E-3 visa classification was designed to grant Australian Nationals entering America to work in specialty occupations working under certain criteria and filing a Labor Condition Application working authorization. Sponsoring employers must satisfy certain criteria before offering sponsorship of this visa classification.

This visa provides its holders with more freedom when changing jobs within America without incurring penalties for doing so, as well as permitting spouses and children to work with some leeway.

Specialty Occupation

The E-3 nonimmigrant visa category is available exclusively to Australian nationals coming to the US solely to perform services in a specialty occupation. These occupations encompass those which require both theoretical and practical application of knowledge from professional fields, with at least a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) being required as the minimum requirement to enter such professions in the United States. For eligibility of an E-3 visa, employers must agree to sponsor you and meet certain criteria. You will also need to submit a Labor Condition Application which must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Labor before receiving an E-3 visa. When applying at a US Consulate abroad for their E-3 visa application they will present both documents – LCA as well as Form I-129 petition along with supporting evidence – before being considered.

Labor Condition Application

An LCA (Labor Condition Application) is an integral part of obtaining an E-3 visa. Your employer files it in order to ensure you’re coming into the United States to work in a specialized occupation and demonstrate you possess both education and experience necessary for it. Unlike some other types of work visas, E-3 applicants must first be employed by an American company with existing operations within US borders in order to be considered.

Before filing a visa petition or applying for your visa, an LCA must first be approved. Once approved, it should also be posted at your workplace for review by the US Department of Labor; they can review and accept or deny your application; otherwise you’ll have to reevaluate your plans for living and working in America.

Our immigration lawyers have extensive experience with E-3 visa applications. We can assist in understanding and meeting the requirements for this visa type, filing all the paperwork needed, as well as helping extend or change it should it expire soon. Furthermore, if required by your situation we can file petitions on their behalf to join you in America should they not already reside there.


Our firm assists Australian Nationals with acquiring E3 Visas to work in specialty occupations in the US. In order to qualify, individuals must possess an offer from an American employer that corresponds with their education and experience as well as meet certain criteria set by the Department of Labor in filing their Labor Condition Application with them.

E-3 Visa holders also enjoy greater employer selection freedom with this visa category, and may transfer or change jobs without changing category classification. This gives professionals more freedom in finding their ideal workplace while still remaining within the US and having opportunities to pursue professional goals.

E-3 visas have an annual quota of 10,500 and it is highly unlikely that this cap will ever be reached. Applying for one is relatively straightforward and can be completed either by submitting an LCA to the Department of Labor before entering in E-3 nonimmigrant status or through consular processing once already residing here as E-3 nonimmigrant status.

Our firm advises and represents Australian nationals seeking E-3 and H-1B visas in various categories, such as business travel and employee work visas. Our clients include individuals entering the US for themselves as business owners as well as employees of multinational corporations entering on behalf of multinational entities. Additionally, we help secure visas for immediate family members of E-3 visa holders (spouses or children under 21).

Consular Processing

Are You Applying for an E-3 Visa in the U.S.? To complete their immigration process through consular processing they will need to visit a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad to complete it – including submission of forms, documentation and medical exam prior to meeting with an immigration officer for their interview – this differs from adjustment of status which typically takes place inside the US.

An immigration officer will review your information to verify its accuracy, as well as understand your motivation for coming to America and whether a green card is truly needed in order to remain.

Attorneys with experience in E-3 visa processes are essential. They will know which documents are necessary and can prepare them correctly, while also being available should any problems arise; for instance if your labor condition application or visa petition were denied they will assist in appealing this decision.

Our firm assists Australian nationals with securing E-3 visas. If this type of visa interests you, contact us immediately for a consultation appointment.