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The E3 visa is a multi-entry work visa designed specifically for Australian citizens. In order to qualify, its holder must hold either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience with employment that requires this qualification.

The visa is issued for two years and can be renewed indefinitely, allowing dependent spouses and children to join its holder in the United States.


The E-3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa available to citizens of Australia. Established by Public Law 109-13 – Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, Global War on Terrorism, and Tsunami Relief of 2005 – it allows Australian nationals to work in specific occupational fields in the US.

To qualify for the visa, Australian citizens must possess an employment offer in the US in a specialty occupation which fulfills certain academic and qualifying criteria; generally speaking, this requires possessing at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in that field. The initial validity period for such visas is two years but can be extended further indefinitely.

One advantage of the E-3 visa over its H-1B counterpart is that its application does not involve lodging a petition with USCIS; rather, applicants apply directly to US consates abroad – eliminating long processing times, risks and associated costs that accompany lodging a petition with USCIS.

As such, the process can become less stressful for you and your family. Remembering to take good care of yourself during this major change will make life easier in the end – if needed reach out for support from friends and fellow Australians; stay hydrated during the process with fluids; exercise can also help relax you when its over.


The E-3 visa is specifically tailored for Australian nationals entering the US to perform services in a specialty occupation. Unlike other work visa categories, this one requires sponsorship by an American employer who must file a Labor Condition Application with the Department of Labor to gain approval – this process typically takes 10 business days – once approved, they must certify that their job offer meets prevailing wage standards.

An E-3 applicant must also submit Form I-129 and evidence of their educational credentials, including certified copies of their bachelor’s degree or equivalent and evidence that they possess at least three years experience in their occupational field of interest.

Additionally, E-3 visa holders’ spouse and children may enter the US as dependents under their sponsorship – designed to attract talent and bolster economies in both Australia and the US. However, it should be remembered that an E-3 visa should serve only as an interim step towards permanent residency – so applicants and employers should focus on quickly securing permanent residence.


The E3 visa is an exclusive US work visa available exclusively to Australian nationals and offers many advantages to both employers and employees who hold this status.

This visa enables employers to hire highly-qualified Australian nationals for positions in specialty occupations. To be eligible, employers must present an offer and submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA), with attestations by their sponsoring employer regarding wages and working conditions.

Contrary to an H1B visa which requires employers to file petitions with DHS for processing, an E3 visa can be applied for directly at a US Consulate or Embassy and processed quickly – also allowing spouse and children to accompany applicant as they come into the US.

E3 visas are more cost-effective than other work visas, with an application fee of only $315 versus an H1B’s cost of over $1,000. Furthermore, the Department of Labor rarely meets their annual quota of 10,500 applicants receiving approval; most eligible candidates typically are approved. Furthermore, this visa allows part-time employment and allows hourly wage rates rather than annual salaries to be stated through LCA documentation; additionally it permits switching employers while remaining in the US.


The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa available to Australian nationals seeking entry to the United States in order to perform specialized knowledge work for an American employer. Unlike its H1B counterpart, this nonimmigrant visa doesn’t require approval by USCIS – rather, it is granted directly at U.S. Consulates or Embassies directly with two-year renewal options available.

An E3 visa application should contain several essential components. These include an LCA from the Department of Labor and supporting documents to show you meet its requirements. Furthermore, applicants must show evidence they are citizens and have strong ties to Australia.

A visa interview is a short question-and-answer session with a consular officer, usually lasting no more than 15 minutes. They will ask about your qualifications, work being performed, ties to the country, etc. It is essential that you prepare thoroughly for this interview as they could ask any number of questions and might pose additional requirements that will need answering before your trip takes place. Please bring all documentation for verification before your interview date.

E-3 visa applicants typically must attend an interview for consideration; however, in certain circumstances they can waive it altogether. We provide a full guide for E3 Visa interviews here to help prepare.