E3 Visa Sponsorship Jobs USA

The E-3 visa can be an ideal solution for Australian citizens wishing to work in the US; however, its eligibility should be carefully considered prior to making this step. However, there may be certain restrictions which should be kept in mind prior to taking this step.

The primary obstacle to obtaining a visa is its requirements of sponsorship from a company, which could create issues should an individual want to switch jobs or start their own venture.

Make Connections

Finding an employer willing to sponsor your visa in the US can be challenging, but you can increase your odds by networking through professional groups and job boards focused on your area of expertise. Also sign up for industry newsletters and attend conferences or job fairs so that you can meet relevant professionals.

When looking for E3 visa sponsorship jobs usa, it is essential that the employer possessing them has all of the qualifications and credentials needed for your desired position. In addition, your field must include specific tasks like software development, engineering or computer science as this will increase your odds.

Keep in mind that an E3 visa restricts you from working for multiple employers at once; should you want to change jobs, your new employer must file a separate I-129 petition. Furthermore, an e3 visa doesn’t allow you to start your own business or work independently in the US.

The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant visa specifically tailored for Australian citizens with advanced skills in specific fields. It can only be granted to workers who possess valid employment offers in the US; and forms part of Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement for two years maximum duration.

Network on LinkedIn

The E-3 visa offers Australians who wish to live and work in the US an ideal solution. Open only to qualified individuals who possess an offer from an US employer in a specialty occupation, this visa also permits their spouse and children to accompany them – should you wish to move together as a family unit then this might be worth exploring further.

LinkedIn can help you meet potential employers and find out if they would sponsor your E-3 visa by creating a profile highlighting your skills and experience, reaching out to other professionals within your field, joining online professional networks or groups, and joining people who share similar interests.

Australians seeking jobs in the US face one of their greatest challenges in finding companies willing to sponsor an E-3 visa application, since most US employers assume you need an H-1B visa instead. Aussie Recruit can assist by connecting you with opportunities at E-3 visa-friendly companies – giving you a greater chance at landing that ideal job here in America!

Check Out Job Boards and Professional Groups

Finding an employment opportunity in the United States has many different approaches. One is visiting local job boards – these can often be found through community websites or local chambers of commerce.

Professional groups are another fantastic way to find employment. Comprised of professionals from different fields, these meetups allow you to network and get tips from other members about landing jobs.

If you are an Australian citizen looking to move to the US, several options are available to you. One is an E-3 visa which is specifically tailored for Australian citizens looking for employment in certain professions; this visa also allows spouses and children to accompany them during their visit.

Note that an E-3 visa only permits you to work for the employer who sponsors you; should your circumstances change and require you to switch employers, a new Labor Condition Application must be filed with both USCIS and DOL for each new LCA submitted. Furthermore, permanent residency cannot be applied for while on this visa status.

Noteworthy is the requirement of an E-3 visa: it requires at least a bachelor’s degree in your field of expertise, unlike other US visa options such as H-1B which only needs one degree.

Be Persistent

E3 visa sponsorship jobs usa may be difficult to come by, but you must remain persistent. Keep checking job boards and professional groups that pertain to your area of expertise, sign up for industry newsletters and attend association events as they could all prove valuable resources in your search for sponsors. Don’t become disgruntled if it takes longer than anticipated as every day that passes increases competition for available jobs.

One drawback of an E3 visa is its restriction to working only at one specific company; to switch positions or start your own business, if this becomes necessary you will first have to file a Labor Condition Application with them first – something which could become challenging should your career goals shift drastically or other changes arise.

Finding an E-3 visa-friendly company is another difficulty that Australians encounter when seeking employment in the US. Most companies either don’t understand this visa option or mistake it for an H-1B one that requires far more effort and expense to obtain. Aussie Recruit can assist by connecting people with job opportunities at E-3 visa-friendly companies – though please be aware that any advice offered here should not be seen as legal advice and people should seek specific advice regarding their individual situations from a licensed attorney before making decisions based on this information alone.