E3 Visa – Work in the United States With Multiple Employers

e3 visa multiple employers

The E-3 visa is a nonimmigrant nonimmigrant visa which permits Australian citizens to work temporarily in specialty occupations in the US. To obtain one, your employer must submit an LCA approved by the Department of Labor.

Can an E3 visa holder change employers? In short, yes. But this requires filing new petition and LCA paperwork.

1. You must have a job offer from each employer.

The E3 work visa provides Australian citizens the ability to enter the US for employment purposes, giving them a great way to maximize their career in America with minimal application fees, faster processing times and unlimited extensions. It offers many advantages over competing work visa options like H-1B.

For an E-3 visa to be considered, each employer must first offer you employment. As this visa is employer-specific and you can only work at companies who sponsor you compared with other visas which focus more on individuality than sponsorship, you will require job offers from each potential sponsor in order to apply successfully for one.

Additionally to obtaining job offers from each employer, you will also need a copy of Form ETA 9035 from them as well as your academic credentials in order to prove your qualification and will receive a fair salary.

Your US-based employer must also submit both a Labor Condition Application (LCA) and E-3 visa petition on your behalf. An LCA establishes that your occupation falls into one that falls below or at or above prevailing wage levels, while also serving as proof that salary will meet or surpass this threshold.

2. You must have a job offer from each employer.

An E3 visa is designed for Australian citizens who have received employment offers from US employers, enabling them to temporarily relocate and work in the US for a specified time period. However, this visa does not lead to permanent residency and should not be seen as evidence of immigration intent.

The E-3 visa provides professionals from Australia who have secured employment offers from U.S. companies with an exceptional opportunity for employment. Validity can be extended indefinitely while dependents can work and attend school within its scope.

To apply for an E3 visa, an applicant must submit Form I-129: A Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. Their company of hire should fill out this form with information about job duties, qualifications and salary; it is also important that they submit copies of passports or proof of identification from those they employ as proof.

Before an employee can begin work on an E3 visa, their labor condition application (LCA) must be approved by the US Department of Labor. To be accepted as an occupation requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, minimum wages in your region must also be guaranteed.

3. You must have a job offer from each employer.

The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that enables Australian citizens to enter the US on non-immigrant work visas to perform services in specialty occupations that require theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge. Employers must sponsor applicants for E3 visas by filing a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor. The DOL requires employers to submit evidence of lack of competition for positions at prevailing wages, including providing evidence such as Form ETA 9035 to employees as well as proof of academic credentials.

If an E3 visa holder changes jobs, they must file a new LCA and petition with the DOL or apply for change of status at an US consulate – an eight month process may ensue.

Preparing carefully for their visa interview is crucial as consular officers tend to place more weight on interviews than supporting documents. Therefore, applicants should ensure they can explain clearly their qualifications, job description and responsibilities within their role in detail as well as demonstrate they possess sufficient resources in the United States to support themselves financially.

4. You must have a job offer from each employer.

The E3 visa is intended for Australian nationals coming to the US to work in an occupation requiring specialization. An established employer in America must sponsor this application, in addition to meeting certain criteria and filing an LCA form with Labor Condition Application Services (LCAS).

Once the LCA has been approved, an employer may submit it with other required documentation for an E3 visa petition to USCIS. Employees can also file their own petition directly with USCIS; although this option is less frequent.

Job offers must be considered “specialty occupations”, meaning they require at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify as “specialized occupational.” While other fields of study might also qualify for visas, the process will likely be more challenging. Furthermore, full-time work positions are strongly preferred.

Once an E3 visa has been granted, its holder may begin working in the United States. It typically lasts two years but can be renewed indefinitely; to convert into a green card status while living here it must either go through adjustment of status or consular processing.