E3 Visas For Specialty Occupations

An E3 visa permits Australian citizens to move temporarily to the US in order to work in a specialty occupation for a set period of time, making this an attractive solution for professionals looking for work in America but do not wish to obtain a Green Card. There are certain steps and conditions you must meet, including having a legitimate job offer as well as showing your stay will only be temporary; Sky USA Law’s team of legal professionals have experience helping guide clients through this process with our expertise in E3 applications and visa interviews.

E3 Visas for Specialty Occupations

Australian citizens who hold bachelor’s or higher degrees may qualify for an E3 visa to work in specialty occupation positions in the US provided they meet specific qualifications in terms of academic knowledge, professional experience and certification or licensure in their specialty field. Employers must also meet certain criteria and file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor so as to ensure that hiring Australian workers does not negatively impact wages or working conditions of US workers in similar positions.

The United States government allots 10,500 E3 visas annually to allow Australian citizens living in Australia to work in the US. Spouses of E3 visa holders may also work here under their own E-3 visa without contributing towards this annual quota, making E3 visas an attractive choice for employers seeking highly skilled individuals from Australia.

An advantage of the E3 visa is its ease of acquiring; unlike the H1B work visa which requires companies to submit an I-129 petition. This saves time and reduces HR workload burden. Furthermore, its unrenewability gives holders access to stay indefinitely in America.

As opposed to H1B visas, E3 visas don’t require an annual lottery and thus tend to be less competitive – this allows HR teams to build lasting relationships with new hires while making smooth transitions between employers easier.

Sky USA Law can assist with every step of obtaining an E3 visa quickly and efficiently, from gathering all required documents to applying for premium processing if that speeds up the process considerably. Our knowledgeable immigration lawyers can help prepare all paperwork before deadlines pass or even assist with applying for premium processing to speed up this process further. For more information about E3 visas contact Sky USA Law now – they are ready to guide your journey towards making the best decisions based on your individual circumstances – start a consultation online or call our office directly and speak directly with one of our team members today.