How Can an E3 Visa File Tax Return?

how can e3 visa file tax return

The E3 visa is designed for Australian citizens looking to move temporarily to the US in order to perform services in specialty occupations. First introduced into US immigration system as part of AUSFTA (Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement) in 2005, its purpose being to attract highly skilled workers into US economy while also permitting spouses and children of E-3 holders to work and study there as well.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, applicants must present documentation from a US company showing they have an offer of employment that fulfills its qualifications for an E-3 visa. Furthermore, they must demonstrate adequate academic or other credentials relevant to their position – for instance a degree or its equivalency may be necessary.

To apply for an E-3 visa, applicants must submit a completed application form with supporting documents, which typically includes a certified Labor Condition Application (LCA), an offer letter from an American company offering you work in a specialty occupation and evidence of your education and credentials. You must also demonstrate sufficient financial resources in the US while living there.

Contrary to other visas, an E3 visa doesn’t require you to prove your intent of returning home at the conclusion of your stay in the US. Furthermore, selling your home and moving all belongings over is permitted for as long as your E-3 status remains valid.

Changing employers requires filing both an LCA and nonimmigrant worker petition with USCIS; otherwise your E-3 status could become invalid. If an employer closes down or you wish to change to a different visa status in either the United States or abroad, an application to change your visa status must also be submitted with US Consulates abroad.

For entry and exit from the United States, in addition to a work permit you will require valid travel documents such as an approved LCA, valid passport and an undated visa stamp in your passport – normally found on its lower right corner.

E3 visa holders are required to file annual US tax returns. It is crucial that they understand both Australian and US tax systems in order to file accurate returns that don’t result in fines or additional tax liability; Uptrend Advisory offers peace of mind by preparing and filing annual US taxes for them.

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