How Do I Renew My E3 Visa?

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If you are currently on an E3 visa, you know it can be extended indefinitely as long as your employer sponsors you and you meet visa requirements. But, if it has been two years and your extension application is nearing its expiry, and now wondering “how can I renew my e3?”, here is some guidance:

Good news – the E3 visa does not have a quota limit and many Australians have been on it for several years now, as its flexibility offers much greater length flexibility than H1Bs.

To renew your e3 visa, USCIS requires that you submit a petition. The process should be similar to when applying for your original E3 visa; they’ll expect similar documents.

Additionally to providing paystubs and proof of income for any work visa application, an extensive medical examination must also take place prior to meeting with a consular officer. Your consular office should send out a list of approved healthcare providers near your area – it’s best if this process starts as early as possible!

Before your current visa expires, it’s essential that you start the renewal process well in advance. Give yourself at least two months’ lead time in order to ensure everything runs smoothly and book your renwal appointment on time.

Once your employer submits the petition to USCIS, it will take between 2-3 months before USCIS adjudicates your application. Since February 2021 however, premium processing services are being made available for E3 extension of status applications; so if eligible, premium processing could reduce wait time from months to weeks!

Once your petition has been accepted, you will receive notice from USCIS to arrange an interview at your chosen consulate. However, bear in mind that consulates outside Australia may be unfamiliar with E3 visa requirements and thus increase your risk for issues or delays here. For this reason it’s wise to work with an experienced team such as Immigration Bureau if renewing your US visa; they have done it all before with great results at competitive pricing!