How Early Can I Apply E3 For a Visa?

Planning ahead when applying for an E3 Visa is key, as there are certain specific requirements you need to fulfill in order to receive this type of US work visa. This article will detail all the steps and time frames involved so your application will be processed efficiently at Embassy.

The E3 visa provides Australian citizens with access to temporary work in the US in certain specialized occupations for up to one year at a time. It has proven particularly popular among technology firms looking for employees with specific skill sets to fill key roles.

To be eligible for the E3 visa, you must secure employment with a US employer. Education and professional experience may also help qualify you; according to USCIS criteria, three years of progressive experience equals to that of a bachelor’s degree. Ultimately, your labor condition application (LCA) must first be approved by DOL before filing with USCIS as nonimmigrant worker status petition.

Once your LCA has been approved, the next step is submitting Form I-129. Your petition should include details about the job itself as well as your qualifications and experience; plus evidence that proves your ability to perform job duties within US jurisdiction, such as letters from current or previous employers as well as training certificates or licenses that demonstrate this capability.

Next step in your application for an E-3 visa should be attending an interview at either an American Embassy or Consulate abroad. During this meeting, a visa official will assess your eligibility to obtain such an visa by reviewing aspects such as character assessment, ability assessment and intention evaluation – this process should all take place simultaneously and you should return home after finishing working in America.

Your E3 visa application requires all necessary documents, such as a copy of your completed Form I-129 and proof that you can perform all duties of your job and pay the prevailing wage for it. In addition, a certified LCA as well as your US employer’s Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) should also be provided.

Due to lengthy interview wait times at the US Embassy or Consulate, many applicants opt to travel to Melbourne or Sydney for their visa interview as this will reduce waiting time considerably. Once processed by the Embassy, applicants can submit their passports for stamping before beginning employment in the US.