How Early to Renew E3 Visa?

how early to renew e3 visa

The E-3 visa is a nonimmigrant nonimmigrant visa available to Australian citizens wishing to work temporarily in specialty occupations in the US. The initial grant of such an E-3 visa lasts two years but it can be renewed indefinitely provided its holder continues meeting eligibility and requirements of this nonimmigrant status. The process involves many steps and requires extensive support documents as well as an interview; for those wondering when and how early renew e3 visa, this article will outline it all as well as provide helpful tips.

Step one of securing an E-3 visa is finding employment with a US company, which you can start searching for from Australia by interviewing via Skype until an offer of employment presents itself and you accept. At that point, the E-3 application procedure with your new employer begins.

To initiate this procedure, the Department of Labor requires filing a Labor Condition Application (LCA), which certifies that your employer will pay at least the prevailing wage in your field and there will be no strike or lockouts in your field of expertise. After filing your LCA with them, USCIS will process your petition for an E-3 visa and grant you work authorization for an agreed upon period. Your spouse and children can join you in the United States on E-3 visas through family-based immigration; however they will need to submit separate applications as family-based immigration in order to do so.

If you and your employer wish to extend E-3 status beyond what was listed on your LCA, USCIS requires filing a petition in order to review it and ensure your continued eligibility for E-3 status. As this can often take several months before being reviewed by USCIS, filing early to avoid issues with your immigration status is critical.

After your petition has been accepted by USCIS, they’ll notify you and you have two options at this point: either leaving the United States and applying for a visa at one of our embassies or consulates overseas or remaining here and having your employer file an E-3 petition change/extend/amend petition with them (typically USCIS allows up to 240 days for continued authorized employment if this option is selected).

When traveling outside of the United States, it’s best to get your E-3 extension petition approved before your passport expires. In order to reenter, a valid visa stamp from an Embassy is necessary, while automatic visa revalidation allows you to reenter even with expired passports as long as your E-3 status extension petition has been approved – typically this process is faster.