How Early to Renew E3 Visa?

The E-3 visa is an employment-based nonimmigrant visa which permits Australian citizens to work in certain professions in the US for two years and may be renewed afterward, though there is an annual cap on how many E-3 visas will be granted.

For an E-3 visa application to be considered successful, you’ll require an employer willing to sponsor your application in the US and evidence of your qualifications – this might be proof of having earned at least a bachelor’s degree, although your professional experience may also qualify. Any such evaluation would be conducted by one of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services organisations.

If you are already living in the US, another option for applying for your visa may be at a US consulate overseas. This may be quicker than applying for a change of status but requires booking travel plans and paying an application fee – another good choice if switching employers, or their current company cannot sponsor you.

When applying at a US consulate, an interview will take place with an adjudicator who will review your supporting documents before reaching their decision – this can take up to one month depending on their workload and availability of an adjudicator.

Once the decision has been made, your passport will receive a stamp (or sticker), with up to two years worth of dates printed within it – this date must be shown when entering the US border service. When receiving this sticker or stamp make sure all its details are correct!

If you plan to travel internationally during your stay in the US, obtaining a new E3 visa requires applying at a consulate abroad instead of USCIS – since your passport stamp must come directly from one. Furthermore, even with an approved petition you must still submit a complete application at a consulate abroad.

If your visa expires while in the US, finding a new employer or filing a change of status petition are both options to return home. As well as this, keeping your passport up-to-date will also be essential – should this prove difficult, seeking help from an immigration attorney may also prove valuable – they’ll make sure all necessary documentation is ready, helping prepare and facilitate visa interviews to reduce stress in the process – saving both time and stress!