How Long An E3 Visa Is Valid For?

Australian nationals with offers of employment in specialized occupations who wish to temporarily work in the United States may qualify for an E3 visa, which allows for temporary working arrangements in America. Many have questions regarding its validity and associated details – here we cover these as well as eligibility requirements, how to apply for one, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

E3 Visa Overview

The E-3 visa is intended for Australian citizens who have secured employment in a specialty occupation in the US that pays at or above prevailing wages. As this temporary worker visa can only be secured via employers in America, its holders may bring spouses and dependent children as dependents as well as bring up to 10500 E-3 visas with them each year and extend them indefinitely.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, applicants must possess either a bachelor’s degree or have equivalent work experience in their specialty occupation. If no such degree exists, evidence that at least three years of progressively responsible work experience exists must be presented from your employer in the form of a letter outlining responsibilities and duties within your specialty occupation as well as details about education and previous work history can also help demonstrate qualification for this visa type.

Not only must you meet the qualifications, but you must also demonstrate that you will leave the United States when your E-3 visa expires or employment ends. When planning international travel it’s advisable to check with your Embassy or Consulate as the pandemic may have altered processing times as well as ensure you possess all required documents.

For an E-3 visa application, an interview must take place at a US Embassy or Consulate. You should bring along your passport, LCA form (Labor Condition Application), as well as other documentation. Your LCA form must first be approved by the Department of Labor before attending your visa interview.

At times, it may take between four and six weeks for an E-3 visa decision to come back; this depends on how busy your consulate is as well as whether or not all your documentation is complete. It is wise to have all documents organized prior to filing in order to speed up processing; also follow all directions given in your application packet in order to prevent delays in processing. Once you’ve been issued your E-3 visa stamp it is wise to double-check its details; check dates are correct, employer names spelled correctly, etc – doing this can save a great deal of trouble later down the line! Best wishes with your E-3 Visa!