How Long Can You Stay in US on E3 Visa?

how long can you stay in us on e3 visa

The E-3 visa is designed for citizens of Australia looking to work in specialty occupations that require at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, such as software engineering, IT support, data processing, customer service or technical roles. It can be extended indefinitely after its initial two year duration has expired – giving much greater flexibility than other employment visas like H-1B.

The E3 visa provides numerous advantages to both employers and employees alike. Notably, it does not require filing an I-129 petition with USCIS and lengthening wait times before employees can begin working in the United States. Furthermore, E-3 holders experience smoother transitions when changing employers. Furthermore, due to involvement from the Department of Labor they must attest wages fairly as part of a guaranteed fair salary structure.

E-3 visa holders are entitled to a grace period of 60 days after their paid employment ceases or their I-797 approval notice expires, which provides vital assistance for employees who may not be ready to find employment immediately. While an E-3 visa can be renewed with USCIS, it does not serve as a replacement for having a valid passport with E-3 visa sticker attached in order to travel internationally.

Before applying for an E-3 visa, it is essential that you prepare several key documents. These should include copies of your job offer letter, Form ETA 9035 and proof of academic credentials – please see our general visa document checklist for more information on these items.

Once ISSS receives your completed E-3 Application in DestinyOne, we will file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor on your behalf and, once certified, email it back to you for scheduling visa interviews at US embassies or consulates overseas; note however, there are currently extensive backlogs at many Consulates due to coronavirus pandemic.

Once your visa application has been approved, your passport will receive its official stamp containing your official visa stamp. Care must be taken when reviewing this stamp to make sure all information is correct – any discrepancies will likely become impossible to correct when back home in your home country.

Dependents of an E-3 visa holder are entitled to derivative status and may work during their principal’s stay in the US. Under certain circumstances, E-3 dependents may also qualify for permanent residency when their E-3 visa is extended – they would need proof that the principal holds a continuing specialty occupation position and other criteria must also be fulfilled; failing this, they may apply for other types of work visas that allow employment.