How Long Does an E3 Visa Last?

The E3 Visa allows companies to hire Australian citizens for specialty occupations in specialty occupations. This visa may last for two years with possible extensions thereafter – making it ideal for individuals looking for long-term work at American companies.

Application procedures for this visa are relatively straightforward, however candidates must first gather several essential documents. This includes Form ETA 9035 which proves their employer holds LCA certification; academic credentials; a letter from their current employer outlining job responsibilities of the position; and finally an interview at either an US Embassy or Consulate where their character, qualifications and nonimmigrant intent will be evaluated.

Before receiving an E3 visa, candidates must meet all of its requirements. This includes having completed either a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in their specialty occupation; receiving an offer that pays the prevailing wage; and showing they possess all of the skills needed for that position without negatively affecting US workforce productivity.

If the applicant wishes to apply for this visa while living in the US, they must file a Form I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker with USCIS and provide details about their job duties and responsibilities, evidence that supports payment of reasonable salaries by their employers, as well as evidence proving this ability. Before beginning to work on their E3 visa application. This petition must first be approved by USCIS before beginning work with that visa.

Once their petition has been accepted, candidates must attend their visa interview at a US Embassy or Consulate. At their interview, Embassy staff will assess an individual’s qualifications, work experience, nonimmigrant intent and bring along their passport for stamping in order to validate the visa application.

Following their interview, individuals will receive a decision from the Embassy. If their visa application is successful, they can travel to the US and begin employment with their prospective employers.

The US Embassy will issue a visa valid for the same length of time as an LCA; therefore, should an extension not be filed before its expiry, both an individual must either leave the United States within 60 days or apply to change their status with USCIS to maintain eligibility for further stay.

The US consulate or embassy typically takes 2-3 months to process an E3 visa application due to its eligibility for standard processing and requirements that applicants be outside the U.S. at the time of application; this timeframe may vary depending on which Consulate and its workload is being utilized.