How Long Does E3 Visa Take to Process?

how long does e3 visa take to process

The E-3 visa is a special work permit designed specifically for Australian citizens looking to reside and work in the US. Valid for two years, and renewable, this work permit requires at minimum a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience) as well as employment that pays the prevailing wage in its field; additionally it must qualify as “specialty occupation.”

Your employer can apply for an E-3 visa more quickly by filing form I-129 within the US, as this does not require labor certification (LCA). Instead, USCIS’ website for form I-129 contains a link to ETA form 9035 that employers can use electronically file an LCA with the Department of Labor.

Currently in the US on another type of visa? Apply directly at a US Consulate using an E-3 stamp without filing I-129 first. However, ensure you bring along your LCA form and other supporting documents so as to speed up the process and reduce delays.

Once your LCA and other documents are in order, the next step in the process will be an interview at either an Embassy or Consulate of the US. A visa interview allows an official to evaluate your qualifications and work history from your country of origin before asking you questions about why you want a visa and make sure you do not intend on staying permanently in America.

If the embassy officer approves your visa application, you’ll receive an official notice and passport that can be collected 4-6 weeks later (depending on availability at an embassy or consulate appointment). At that point, you can legally begin working in the US.

At least in Australia, it’s best to submit your application early as the pandemic can create backlogs at many embassies that make getting an appointment harder than usual. Before visiting an embassy for your interview, it is wise to search for visa slots with them so you have a higher chance of securing an E-3 visa as quickly as possible. Our E-3 visa specialists can assist with finding the appropriate pathway. Reach out today and schedule an appointment! We provide virtual or in-person sessions tailored to fit your schedule, as well as reviewing any documentation prior to going in for submission. Our fees are reasonable and transparent – no hourly rate; happy to answer any of your queries; excellent track record in obtaining successful outcomes for clients even remotely; making us the go-to solution for anyone seeking assistance with US immigration matters.