How Long Does it Take to Get a E3 Visa?

how long doeas it take to get a e3 visa

An E3 work visa provides Australian citizens access to the United States in order to perform services in specialty occupations that require theoretical and practical application of highly specialised bodies of knowledge, with entry requiring either a bachelor’s or higher degree or its equivalent in their specific specialty field (or its equivalent equivalent degree from another country), as well as at least twelve months full-time experience working within that specialty profession before entry is possible.

The E3 visa can be extended indefinitely and is offered to individuals with high levels of expertise or companies looking to recruit qualified individuals into permanent roles. Spouses and children can also be included when applying for this type of visa which can be obtained on a temporary basis and renewed periodically but does not count towards citizenship.

As part of applying for an E3 visa, your US employer should file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) on your behalf by filling out an ETA Form 9035 and providing supporting documents – this process typically takes up to 10 days.

Once your LCA application has been accepted, you must schedule a visa interview at the US Embassy in your home country. During this interview process, extensive documentation must be gathered as well as answering any queries regarding qualifications for the position. As part of your job application process, you may be asked to present evidence that you possess all relevant degrees, certifications and licenses necessary for performing your duties. Therefore, it’s advisable to bring all pertinent paperwork, such as letters from former employers or documentation regarding degrees or certifications earned in support of job duties performed. Employers involved in E3 visa processes must attest that wages are being paid at fair prevailing rates and no labor disputes or strikes have arisen at their company. Once everything is submitted for review by the US Embassy, your visa application may be approved or denied.

US Embassy responses can take anywhere between one and two months after an interview, although this time frame can differ depending on their processing workload and workload fluctuations. Therefore, applying for an E3 visa at a consulate overseas rather than trying to secure it within the US may be more viable; typically the consulate processes applications in half the time it would take USCIS. Premium processing is not available with E-3 visa applications.