How Long Does It Take to Get a E3 Visa?

Timelines vary when applying for an e3 visa. Processing with USCIS varies widely based on circumstances; an estimate would be 4-8 months. Next is employer documentation collection time which usually entails formal job offer letters as well as additional material on your specific roles and responsibilities. Lastly comes LCA submission with DOL which may take several weeks – these steps all add up!

Once all this paperwork has been processed, your employer should schedule a visa interview with the US Embassy. Please keep in mind that this may take time and require various supporting documents. It should also be remembered that this visa will not lead to permanent residency or citizenship status in America.

To qualify for an E3 visa, your occupation must fall into the category of specialty occupations requiring at least a bachelor’s degree and related to your area of expertise. Furthermore, an employment offer from an American company with minimum annual salaries exceeding $75,000 must also exist.

For an e3 visa to be approved, applicants must present both a valid and unexpired Australian passport with at least two blank pages, as well as an employer willing to hire you and sponsor your visa in the US. Most often this will involve large corporations that can provide evidence confirming they are an employer of choice in your field; however smaller firms can still sponsor employees by offering formal job offers and contracts outlining specific duties and responsibilities of your role.

Once submitted, your E3 visa application will be reviewed by an American embassy or consulate before receiving their final decision. At this point, employment in the US can begin; typically this takes around two months.

Keep all of your supporting documents organized and current, to help ensure a swift visa application process with the US Embassy. When your application has been approved, your passport will be stamped with an e3 work visa stamp; be sure to review this for any errors or mistakes; ensure all dates and details are accurate before notifying the embassy/consulate immediately if any are noticed or face delays or even being denied your visa!