How Long Does it Take to Get an E3 Visa?

how ong does it take to get an e3 visa

Australians interested in working in the US may wish to apply for an E3 visa, which is valid for 2 years and renewable indefinitely. To apply for one of these visas, an employer in the US with matching expertise that offers you at least the prevailing wage job should provide this offer; documents such as your passport, application form and interview results must also be provided as part of this lengthy application process.

In order to apply for an E-3 visa, your employer must first file a Labor Condition Application (LCA). Once approved by the Department of Labor using ETA Form 9035, an LCA provides certification that your proposed job offers meet all the requirements of that visa category. Once it has been accepted by USCIS you can file Form I-129 to establish nonimmigrant worker status with them.

This form is similar to other immigration forms, with a few significant distinctions. Most significantly, you must provide a letter of introduction from your employer which should detail why and how the position will benefit their company as well as your job description, salary information and any relevant details.

Once your form has been filed with USCIS, the wait can last between 6-12 weeks depending on which department it has been sent to and its workload. If you want expedite the process more quickly, additional fees and premium processing services can be purchased to speed things along faster.

As soon as you receive an answer from the USCIS, it is time for your visa interview. These typically take place at an American Embassy or Consulate in your home country and allow the consular officer an opportunity to assess your qualifications, experience and non-immigrant intent. It is crucial that you dress professionally for this interview as well as bring all necessary documentation with you.

Once your interview is over, you will receive your visa. Carefully examine its details; any discrepancies must be reported immediately as otherwise the whole process must start over again. Remember to stay calm throughout this stressful process by having support available – such as consulting an immigration attorney if any queries or problems arise during this stage.