How Long Is An E-3 Visa Valid?

The E-3 visa allows foreign professionals to work in specialty occupations for an indefinitely renewable period in the US. Although it doesn’t grant permanent residency status or extend beyond two years, renewal can occur any time thereafter. Acquiring this visa involves extensive documentation and an interview at a US Consulate; be prepared for several months’ worth of waiting time when applying.

Before beginning work in the US, you must possess a valid passport and an approved Labor Condition Application (LCA). Your employer files an LCA with the Department of Labor to ensure your job does not negatively affect wages and working conditions of other employees within their company. USCIS checks that there has been no strike action or work stoppage related to your particular occupation at the time the LCA was submitted.

Once the LCA is approved, you must submit an I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker with USCIS. This petition requires information about yourself, your new employer and nature of work performed; as well as details about any specific knowledge or training in your field of employment. Upon approval of this petition you will receive an approval notice; once presented bring it along when travelling internationally as it will act as proof that USCIS authorized your stay without having to put a stamp in your passport.

You may also apply for an E-3 visa when traveling outside of the US by visiting one of its embassies or consulates, though you will require your valid passport and copy of LCA with you for this process. Processing at consulates tends to be faster than at USCIS Vermont Service Center for change of status petitions but may require more documentation than with USCIS.

If you are applying for an E-3 visa at a consulate, your spouse and children can join as dependents; your children can attend school in the US while your partner can work if desired.

Your E-3 visa is initially valid for two years; however, you can extend it indefinitely as long as it fulfills certain criteria. For any assistance regarding applying or renewing your E-3 visa, contact our office and let us help guide the entire process for you. Our team of immigration lawyers has assisted many clients get their visas. In addition, we specialize in providing superior legal services aimed at meeting every one of our client’s immigration needs – call today so that we can discuss your case! We look forward to speaking with you!