How Many E-3 Visas Can You Have?

If you are an Australian national looking to work in the United States, an E-3 visa could be a suitable solution. These visas are open to those employed in fields which require theoretical and practical application of knowledge within professional fields; there are limited numbers available each year but can be renewed indefinitely without showing intent of immigrating permanently.

An E-3 visa typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree in an area related to your profession – this could include law, engineering or computer science jobs. There may be exceptions, so it’s wise to seek advice before trying to apply. In some instances, you can even qualify by showing how your job requires highly complex tasks with highly specific expertise – O*Net Online does not list these occupations as necessitating one – you will then qualify.

An E-3 visa can be obtained through USCIS by filing Form I-129 with them, a standard form for most nonimmigrant visa categories that can be completed by an immigration attorney or accredited representative. You’ll also need a copy of your valid passport as well as copies of biographic pages of spouse and children to submit with this petition.

Once your petition is filed with USCIS, it can take approximately two months before receiving a response; although expedited processing options exist that could speed things up further. Even with premium processing payments made, the Embassy still must process your case prior to issuing you your visa.

When renewing or changing a visa, it’s a good idea to contact the Embassy in advance to determine how long processing your application will take. Processing times can differ depending on their workload as well as how quickly you gather all relevant documents together.

Once you’ve obtained an E-3 visa, you can begin working in the United States. Your spouse and children may join you by applying for Employment Authorization Documents on Form I-765; this application takes approximately six weeks to process and requires proof of your relationship and proof that children attending school in America. In order to extend your visa through renewal procedures, but before leaving America first. A consular interview at one of US embassies abroad must also take place first; although this process can be lengthy but ultimately worth your while!