How to Apply For E3 Visa

if you are an Australian national and would like to work in the United States, an E3 visa may be a suitable solution. But before applying, there are a few steps and tips that must be completed in order to secure it successfully. We’ve broken this process down for you here so your application process goes as smoothly as possible.

First, it is necessary to find an eligible job for an E3 visa. This can be accomplished in many ways – through online searches and Skype interviews with potential employers, for instance – until you find one and are offered employment. Once employed, both you and your employer must sign an LCA (Labor Certification Application), submit it for Department of Labor approval, which may take some time. Allow plenty of time before your start date so this process runs smoothly.

Once your LCA is approved, the next step should be applying for an E-3 visa at either an American Consulate abroad or USCIS service center. Individuals already in the United States can also submit an application with USCIS but it can often take longer as filing an application can often involve more difficulty and longer processing times.

Key documents needed for an E3 visa application will include your LCA, official job offer letter, passport, statement of duties from your employer explaining what their responsibilities will entail and an invitation letter from USCIS to enter the United States.

Once you receive your visa, it is crucial that all information is accurate and up-to-date. If any errors arise, contact USCIS immediately and report any discrepancies. Likewise, after your passport returns home with you make sure to double-check that its stamp reflects all your details accurately; after all it’s a full page sticker with all of your personal data written across it and worth taking time and care in checking everything is perfect before departing the country.

Due to USCIS requirements, the E3 visa is only suitable for professionals with advanced expertise in their fields. In order to be eligible, you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree with knowledge specific to your occupation and possess employment authorization documents (EAD). Furthermore, an E3 visa lasts for two years with renewability options indefinitely but cannot be used to gain permanent residency in America – it serves temporary workers only.