How to Change or Renew E-3 Visa Where?

renew e3 visa where

The E-3 visa is a US work permit available to Australian nationals that allows them to perform skilled labor in the US. Employers must first file an LCA with the Department of Labor so as to ensure their salary and working conditions do not negatively impact those of American workers in similar professions.

Once an LCA application has been approved, foreign nationals may enter the US with an E-3 visa label stamped in their passports. These visas typically last two years before expiring; upon that point they either need to submit another renewal application with USCIS or depart and seek new visa stamping at a consulate abroad.

E-3 workers may also change to permanent visa status through petition filed by their employers, commonly referred to as changing visa status and permitting dual intent (living permanently in the US). However, the process can be challenging and complex and should only begin once an E-3 visa holder has already resided here for at least two years.

If the worker is already present in the US and would like to change their visa, they can do so by filing Form I-129 with USCIS. Their petition should include documentation to support why they want a status change as well as proof that they meet all the requirements. After filing their petition with USCIS, the foreign national must attend an interview at one of our consular offices abroad – wait times can differ considerably depending on which country and consulate.

Smaller or less prominent consates may have policies whereby they do not accept initial E-3 visa applications, only renewals will be accepted. This may cause lengthy processing delays as they will lack experience with E-3 cases; larger, better known consates usually offer better services with shorter wait times.

USCIS recently implemented premium processing for certain categories of visa applications, which reduces processing times from months to weeks – something especially helpful if a foreign national needs their visa renewed before meeting its two-year minimum requirement.

If a USCIS officer determines that a foreign national is eligible for an extension, they will issue a new visa label in their passport; this does not extend its valid dates; that information can only be found within an I-94 Record printed within their passport. They may travel outside of the US before reaching their valid date expires but must return with valid travel documentation and an LCA from their current employer (or another) showing they remain qualified to work; changing employers requires meeting any new requirements that apply in that instance.