How to Convert E3 Visa to Green Card

No matter if it be for an E-3 visa transfer, renewal, or change in status. Our Los Angeles-based immigration attorneys can assist with all your US immigration needs – our team has assisted many Australian degree holders settle in successfully upon arriving to work in America.

The E-3 visa provides Australians looking to move temporarily to the US an excellent opportunity. However, this visa does not allow holders to pursue green cards.

How to Convert E3 Visa to Green Card

The E3 visa is a US work permit that allows Australian citizens to enter the country for specialty occupations that require both theoretical and practical application of knowledge in fields like computer science, education and healthcare. This visa has become popular with Australian workers because its application process is simpler and costs less than that for an H1B visa, plus it also permits spouses to work. For permanent residency purposes consult an immigration law firm Dallas as this may help.

Step one in obtaining a Green Card is finding an employer willing to sponsor you. Your employer must submit a labor certification that fulfills Department of Labor standards as well as submit a prevailing wage request that establishes wages in your locality and show that no US workers could fill that job position.

While the E3 visa may provide Australian citizens who wish to live and work in the United States with some great advantages, it does have some drawbacks. Unlike its L-1 counterpart, this one does not provide direct pathways towards permanent resident status (green card). Therefore, if employment-based Green Card applications are being pursued it would be wise to contact an attorney as early as possible in the process.

E3 Visa to Green Card Process

The E3 visa provides Australian workers the chance to come and work in specialty occupations in the US, bringing their spouses and dependent children under 21 as dependent visa holders. Although not a permanent residency visa like its H1B counterpart, E3 does not require labor certification, employer sponsorship, an annual quota limit, nor has an expiration date like its H1B equivalent; so its availability tends to remain year-round.

E3 visa applicants must complete Form DS-160 and appear for an interview at either an American Embassy or Consulate overseas, where an officer will review your documents to assess if you should be granted one. An immigration lawyer can prepare you for this meeting by making sure all documentation is correct.

The E3 visa does not lead directly to a Green Card through employment; however, it may be possible to transition to an EB1 Green Card for Australians with extraordinary ability, National Interest Waivers or family sponsorship. Unlike the E-3 visa, these types of green cards do not have an annual quota and are more easily available – typically this process takes 18-30 months rather than the PERM labor certification or EB5 immigrant investor visa process required with E3.

E3 Visa to Green Card Extension

The E3 Visa is a nonimmigrant work visa designed to temporarily allow Australian citizens to temporarily reside and work in the US, unlike an EB1 green card which grants permanent residency status in America.

E3 Visa holders can renew their status by filing for an extension prior to their current visa’s expiration date. To renew, an LCA (Labor Condition Application) and petition (to your employer). Both documents must comply with all visa requirements – this includes meeting minimum wage threshold requirements set by DOL as well as being signed off on by your employer and with Form G-28 (Notice of Appearance as Attorney or Accredited Representative) filed by your lawyer/representative.

No annual limit exists for E3 Visas and they can be renewed indefinitely, though dependent spouses or children cannot reside in the US under this status. Individuals interested in acquiring a Green Card should consult with an experienced immigration attorney regarding their options; Green Cards can be obtained through family sponsorship, employment-based sponsorship, or the EB-5 program that grants permanent residency to investors who invest a minimum capital amount that creates at least 10 jobs for US workers.

E3 Visa to Green Card Renewal

The E3 visa provides Australians looking to work in the US an excellent option. Created as part of the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA), this work visa has many advantages over others like H1B visa, including lower fees and faster processing times. Applicants for an E3 visa typically need at least a bachelor’s degree related to their field; professional experience may also be considered depending on circumstances. Furthermore, their sponsoring company must adhere to US corporation and immigrant-employment regulations as well as file an LCA with Department of Labor to demonstrate they will pay them a fair wage.

E3 visa holders also enjoy the additional advantage of being able to bring spouses and children along on their visit, unlike other work visas that do not permit this option. This makes the E3 visa an invaluable opportunity for their employers who do not wish to separate family from work duties.

The E3 visa is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely, making it a competitive choice for Australians seeking employment in the US. Annual limits rarely reach 10,500, making this visa even more appealing. Holders may also apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), so they can legally work in America while keeping this option alive; both documents can also be renewed without restriction.