How to Explain E-3 Visa

how to explain e3 visa

The United States and Australia enjoy an exceptional bilateral relationship that transcends societal differences to include strong military and economic ties. Given this close bond, it comes as no surprise that many Australians who receive job offers in America look for visa options that will enable them to relocate for work purposes – an E-3 visa may be one such solution available to them – we will explore this in greater depth later.

E-3 visas are reserved exclusively for Australian nationals entering the US to perform services in a specialty occupation, which requires “theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge”. To be eligible, workers must possess at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and an offer that pays at least the prevailing wage for their field of expertise.

Employers seeking to hire E-3 workers must file a labor condition application (LCA). Once submitted, this application must be certified by the Department of Labor before an employee can apply for and obtain an E-3 visa; the process typically takes 60-180 days to complete and spouses and children may also apply for work authorization in the US under an E-3 dependent visa.

Employers and employees both can reap benefits from this visa. For employees, this visa provides an entryway into American workforce while building experience towards eventual green card acquisition. Furthermore, its validity period of two years can be renewed indefinitely for maximum flexibility.

Employers also benefit by applying directly for visas at US consulates in Australia, rather than filing with government bodies in the US, which reduces processing times and costs significantly, which makes for easier recruitment when companies don’t have resources to hire American workers immediately.

An E-3 visa cannot be converted to permanent residency status, requiring employees to return home when their visa expires. There are exceptions, however; applicants can switch visa types if they can demonstrate intent to return once their current period ends.

Before applying for an E-3 visa, it’s a wise idea to consult an immigration attorney. He or she can ensure all requirements are fulfilled and provide an estimate as to the length of time the process will take. They may also advise what steps should be taken if your employer decides to change jobs or relocate in the future, which could have an enormous effect on your application for visa status. Don’t delay – schedule your consultation now with us!