How to Get a Green Card on an E3 Visa

Are You an Australian Citizens Working on an E3 Visa in the US? You may be asking how to obtain a green card, which grants lawful permanent resident status in the US and must meet certain criteria, such as having an employer who filed on your behalf in EB-3 category.

The E3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that allows US employers to hire Australian citizens in specialty occupations requiring practical and theoretical application of knowledge. The initial grant typically lasts two years but may be extended. Under certain circumstances it is possible to upgrade an E3 visa into a green card; however this process typically takes time and paperwork.

E3 visa holders can pursue the adjustment of status route when applying for green cards in the US, although only available to people currently in the country. To do this, they must visit a US Embassy or Consulate abroad for an immigrant visa interview (instead of USCIS-run interviews that issue or renew visas).

In order to qualify for an interview in the US, individuals must have been in residency for at least two years and demonstrate they have worked in their field for at least five years; additionally they must demonstrate they intend to return home once their work in America is finished. Interviews will typically be conducted by an immigration officer who will ask pertinent questions regarding career history, education and any relevant details that come up during an encounter.

An E3 visa applicant who wishes to file for a green card must first have been working in their field for at least five years – usually three of which should have been with one employer -, met minimum income requirements set forth by the Department of Labor, and have sufficient work experience within their industry.

Once an interview has taken place, an individual must wait for a decision from USCIS as to their petition – either approval or denial – before moving onto step two, applying for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Once approved, this allows them to continue working while their green card process progresses.

Keep in mind that the E3 visa does not permit any immigrant intent, making it imperative to show that you do not plan to pursue a green card while in the United States. Therefore, having a clear plan in place for when your work in America has finished is critical to successful application for E3.