How to Get a Green Card on an E3 Visa

how to get green card on e3 visa

The E3 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa designed for Australian citizens that enables them to temporarily work in a specialty occupation in the US for two years at a time and may be renewed multiple times; it does not lead to green card status – this will need to be applied for through either family-based or employment-based immigration pathways instead.

E3 Visa

The Department of Labor (DOL) certifies that your employer is providing you with a fair prevailing wage through an application known as Labor Condition Application (LCA), filed using ETA Form 9035 by your employer and submitted directly to DOL by them using this process. Once it has been completed and approved by them, copies are included with your visa application submissions.

An E3 visa requires meeting both academic and occupational criteria to qualify. Your degree must be equivalent to that of a bachelor’s, while an employer must offer you a position in a specialty occupation requiring specific knowledge in your field – either that or demonstrate that no other US workers possess these requirements.

Once you’ve been living and working in the United States for several months, your spouse can apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) so they can begin working legally in this country. Once they receive it, you can start filing their green card application on their behalf.

Are You the Spouse of an E3 Visa Holder? Adjustment of status allows them to seek permanent residency in the US as well. Unlike H-1B holders, spouses of E3 visa holders do not count against annual green card quotas for new green cards.

E3 Visa Benefits

The benefits of the E-3 visa include its quick processing time, seamless transitions between employers, and termination grace period. Furthermore, this visa allows for unlimited renewals without necessitating an I-129 petition from your employer.

Additionally, unlike US visas like EB-1 and EB-2 categories, which impose age and quota caps, this visa does not impose such constraints; making it simpler for professionals with advanced degrees or exceptional abilities to secure green cards. Also, through the EB-5 Visa Program you may apply for a green card if you invest a minimum amount of capital and create 10 full-time jobs for Americans. For more information on how to obtain one of these visas contact an experienced attorney. Contacting one of these agencies will enable them to give you advice tailored specifically to your situation and prepare all of the documents required of you before setting up an interview with a consular officer at the US Embassy for you. In your interview, this officer will assess both your character as well as any plans to return back home after finishing up work in the US.