How to Get an E3 Visa

how to get an e3 visa

Australian citizens can apply for an E3 visa which will permit them to work temporarily in the US. This visa can be particularly useful for individuals who have received job offers which require specific knowledge and skills, and allows for multiple entries into the US over up to two years, renewable indefinitely; additionally it permits spouses and dependent children (under 21) of holders working within US borders as well.

How Can You Apply for an E3 Visa (ESTA-9035)

The first step to securing an e3 visa is completing all necessary paperwork, which includes completing an LCA or ETA-9035 labor condition application and meeting its criteria, plus other supporting documentation from your employer and meeting other LCA criteria requirements. When all this paperwork has been filed away you may schedule an interview at your local United States embassy or consulate.

Though only limited E3 visas are issued each year, many eligible applicants still receive approval. Your US Embassy or consulate will evaluate your application to determine if you fulfill all criteria required to receive one of these visas.

Contrary to H1B requirements, filing for an E3 visa doesn’t necessitate that companies hold active immigration status in order to apply. Instead, legal existence must exist and sufficient capacity exists within an employer for hiring foreign workers; additionally, their position must qualify as “specialty occupations”, meaning it requires theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge.

Employees occupying specialty occupations must also receive compensation at or above the minimum prevailing wage for this position, which takes into account factors like location and type of work performed; it is typically published in the Federal Register.

Once an employer has filed the LCA and other relevant documents with USCIS for processing, once approved the employee can begin working in the US.

If an E-3 visa holder wishes to switch employers, they must either submit a change of employer petition or file a new E-3 petition with their local U.S. consate abroad before their current visa expires and no later than 60 days prior.

If you hold an E3 visa and plan on traveling outside of the country, be certain that you return prior to its expiration. If that proves difficult, file Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization as soon as possible in order to extend your stay.