How to Renew an E3 Visa

If you are an Australian citizen and have an offer of employment in America, an E3 visa may be your best bet to work temporarily there. But please keep in mind that this visa should only be seen as temporary; every two years it must be renewed – in this article we’ll go over how this process works, along with eligibility requirements, processing times and costs involved.

Renew an e3 Visa

There are various methods you can take to renew your e3 visa, with the most commonly utilized being filing an extension petition in the US. This should be an easy and quick process that should result in you receiving your new sticker in your passport shortly afterwards.

This document is valid for two years and must accompany you whenever traveling internationally. Alternatively, applying directly at a US Consulate abroad is often the preferred method as it offers greater flexibility regarding where and when you work and allows family to join you in the US – however due to Covid regulations this application process can take much longer.

Both methods require similar documents, including an LCA certified by your employer and approved by the United States Department of Labor’s office of foreign labor certification, an offer letter from your prospective US employer with salary that meets or exceeds the prevailing wage for that occupational category and evidence that your academic or other credentials meet requirements for that position offered to you by that employer. When filing at a consulate however, additional requirements will need to be submitted such as evaluation from an organization recognized by National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.

No matter which option you select to renew your e3 visa, it is wise to start planning early. With renewal processes taking from 6-8 months on average, allowing yourself enough time for all steps prior to your current visa’s expiration is essential.

As always, if you have any queries regarding this article or the process in general, feel free to reach out – I am an experienced immigration attorney and am happy to be of assistance!