How to Renew an E3 Visa

how to renew an e3 visa

The E3 visa is a specialized work visa designed specifically to benefit Australians, and one of the easiest to secure. Less expensive than its H1b counterpart, and with no annual cap limiting approvals or renewals. Non-immigrant status must remain intact without seeking permanent residency or green card status; this article will explain how and who qualifies to receive one.

E-3 Specialty Occupation Workers can initially obtain an E3 visa for two years; however, their stay may be extended provided they remain employed with their original employer in their same specialty occupation and maintain employment with them during this period. To do this, they must submit a new LCA and amended petition with USCIS along with maintaining qualifications equivalent to when first granted their E3 status.

To change your visa status in the United States, you must submit an I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker along with a certified copy of your LCA. In addition, a valid passport, proof that your company in the US exists (letter from HR or contract signed by yourself), any certifications or licenses needed for your occupation as well as an interview at the Embassy are all essential components. During an interview, be prepared for questions related to work history, character and why you want to stay longer than allowed as this may lead to denial of your application.

If you reside in Australia and need to renew your E3 visa, US Consulates near where you live offer convenient filing locations and may even waive an in-person interview – providing certain criteria are met. Wait times at these consulates vary and it may even be possible for certain criteria to be waived altogether.

When applying for renewal, it is necessary to provide evidence that your employer is still employing you in the same specialty occupation and with the same job title that was granted when your original visa was issued. You may also need other documents relevant to your case.

Your spouse or children who depend on your E3 visa should follow the same process to renew it; this includes submitting an Employment Authorization Document which authorizes full time work. As per rules pertaining to spouses of E3 visa holders only being allowed to work when both primary visa holders are also working full time; an Employment Authorization Document typically lasts two years but can be renewed indefinitely. For help changing or renewing an e3 visa, speak with an immigration lawyer – they’ll guide you through every step of the process and ensure all necessary documentation is up to date.