How to Renew an E3 Visa

E3 visa holders may work in the US for up to two years before needing to extend their stay; fortunately, it’s easy and hassle-free for these applicants to extend their status indefinitely if their job still requires specific occupational skills. To do this, applicants will need to file an LCA with their employer and submit all relevant paperwork – although this process should go quickly provided both parties involved know which documents need to be prepared beforehand.

In order to renew an E3 visa, employers must first file a labor condition application (LCA) with the Department of Labor online and free. Upload Form ETA-9035E directly into its iCERT Portal System. Secondly, an employer will also need to submit Form I-129 which was originally used when applying for an E-3 visa electronically;

Step two of renewing an E3 visa involves attending an interview at either an US Embassy or Consulate abroad, conducted by a consular officer who will assess and question them regarding their case and answer their questions. When facing this interview it is imperative that applicants are honest in answering all questions as honestly as possible in order to receive approval; any attempt at circumvention could result in denial of visa.

As well as their interview, applicants must also present supporting documentation. This could include documents like letters from their current and potential employers that verify whether the job they are applying for relates to their specialty occupation, proof that they possess necessary skills such as having a third party provide an equivalency assessment comparing work experience to that of a bachelor’s degree in their chosen field, etc.

Once an application has been approved by USCIS, they will notify both consulate and embassy, so that an individual may travel internationally. However, should they wish to leave before their visa has been extended they must visit a consulate or embassy and apply for another stamp before returning home.

This article should have provided you with a good idea of the steps required to renew an E3 visa. Should any further queries arise, feel free to reach out – I am more than happy to assist.