How to Renew E3 Visa Where?

An E3 visa is a work permit granted to Australian citizens hired by US companies to perform specialty occupations like teaching, doctors, engineering, architecture or IT work. Holders and their spouse are permitted to live and work in the US while also applying for Green Cards if desired. Before applying for one of these work visas it is important to fully understand eligibility requirements, processing timeframe and costs involved before proceeding with their application.

To apply for an E3 visa, applicants must first submit an LCA to be approved by the Department of Labor. This form can be submitted online and requires basic information about both employers and workers. In addition, applicants must present evidence that their degree equates with that of an American bachelor’s degree as well as having secured employment opportunities within the US through a credential evaluation service.

A Labor Condition Application is filed by employers on behalf of employees before beginning employment in the US. In order for it to be accepted, companies must be established as either US corporations or partnerships and possess a Federal Employer Identification Number which allows it to hire workers within US borders.

Luke is an Australian citizen whose E-3 visa will soon expire. His employer will submit an extension petition with USCIS on his behalf so he can stay working while it’s processed, or switch to another visa classification in the US, such as H-1B status.

After submitting the required forms and paying any associated fees online, applicants should keep a receipt as proof. Furthermore, passports valid for at least 6 months as well as letters from employers in the US are required as proof.

If the E-3 visa holder’s application for entry to the United States is denied, they will need to leave and return home immediately – something which may prove difficult if their passport has expired without being replaced with a new one. Therefore, the best strategy would be renewing the visa prior to its expiry in order to prevent complications and unnecessary hassles.

Some individuals opt to skip the consular process and apply for their visa directly in the United States, rather than through consular channels. Although this option takes longer and typically costs more, it can be beneficial for individuals requiring to remain in the country due to work-related reasons. If considering this route, individuals interested should consult an immigration attorney for more details regarding requirements and fees associated with E3 visa renewals; furthermore it’s important to remember that individuals traveling outside of the country while their applications are pending may not reenter until receiving approval by USCIS.