How to Stamp an E3 Visa for a Spouse at the Consulate?

The E-3 visa is open to citizens of Australia planning on coming to the US to work in a specialty occupation as part of the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA). It permits their spouse and dependent children to come with them; both may work, with dependent children attending school; this visa can last for two years and can be renewed indefinitely by providing proof that their intent is 100% nonimmigrant – that they do not intend to relocate permanently to America.

First step of applying for an E-3 visa: Submitting it with USCIS can be done from either abroad or within the U.S. If an individual already resides in the US under another classification visa classification, filing for change of status or an extension can be filed through their Service Center.

Once a petition has been submitted, an LCA (Labor Condition Application) must be filed with the Department of Labor by its employer. This application should demonstrate that the job in question is a specialty occupation and that its prevailing wage exceeds average wages across similar occupations. Furthermore, petitioning companies should submit a letter from their human resources department verifying the position meets or surpasses prevailing wages and offer compensation matching or exceeding them.

Once their LCA has been approved, principal E-3 workers must arrange an interview at a consulate abroad to secure their visa application. When attending this interview they should bring all documentation used when filing their petition such as copies of passports and proof of relationship such as marriage or birth certificates for themselves and their spouse(s).

At a visa interview, a consular officer will assess whether or not an E-3 worker meets all the eligibility requirements. They will consider factors like education and experience as well as nonimmigrant intent when making this assessment.

Once the interview and decision are finalized, your passport will be stamped with your visa stamp. Care should be taken when reviewing it to make sure all information is accurate; any discrepancies must be immediately rectified.

Australians looking to work temporarily in the US may want to consider applying for an E-3 Visa as it’s easier than other visas like H-1B or L-1Visas to secure. Still, for your own protection it would be prudent to consult an experienced immigration attorney when applying.