How to Transfer E3 Visa to New Passport

how to transfer e3 visa to new passport

If you’re an Australian citizen working in a specialized occupation, the E3 visa offers an effective legal work option in the US. Designed specifically to bring them temporarily over for this task and requires at least a bachelor’s degree to qualify, this work visa also comes with many additional advantages over traditional US work visas – like unlimited renewals and being able to bring family members along for the ride!

Before embarking on this endeavor, there are a few important details you should keep in mind. First of all, transferring an E3 visa between passports isn’t as straightforward as simply changing employers – there may be quite a bit of paperwork involved and several steps need to be taken for it to remain valid and be completed successfully.

There are two methods available to you for changing your E3 visa into a passport: 1) filing a change of status petition with USCIS while in the US or 2) applying at a consulate abroad. Filing for change of status inside the US is usually more efficient as you can use USCIS’s premium processing option – though this only works if your current sponsor has filed a Labor Condition Application (LCA) on your behalf.

The Labor Certification Application (LCA) is a form filed with the Department of Labor (DOL) that establishes that both you and your sponsor fulfill all basic eligibility criteria for an E-3 visa. Both parties should sign it, providing details about your job duties and qualifications. It’s best to have your attorney review the LCA before signing to ensure all necessary details have been included and it meets E-3 visa program standards.

Once your LCA application has been approved, the next step should be preparing for a consular interview. This may involve providing required documents, paying any applicable fees, and attending the interview with a consular officer. Although this can take some time, the outcome can be worth your effort – giving you peace of mind knowing you can legally work in the United States.

Once you have your visa, it is crucial that you keep it valid by not overstaying or exceeding the length of time allowed in the US. Doing this will prevent having to leave and apply for another at a consulate – an often lengthy process. Likewise, make sure all details on your visa are correct as these cannot be changed once travelling internationally – double-check before heading off on another adventure!