I Just Had a E3 Visa Petition Filed For Me – I Am From China

E-3 visa holders have the ability to bring their spouse and children with them into the US. You may even work together in specialty occupations. Furthermore, this visa can be renewed indefinitely as long as all requirements are fulfilled – this can be accomplished either through filing an extension with USCIS or applying directly for one at an US Consulate abroad (with this latter process typically being faster and simpler).

I just had a E3 Visa Petition Filed For Me I Am From China is a temporary nonimmigrant work visa designed for temporary nonimmigrant workers in specialty occupations like computer professionals, scientists, engineers, architects and teachers. Unfortunately this visa cannot be applied for by individuals seeking employment in agriculture, forestry or fishing industries and does not permit changes of status requests without being applied for separately.

As E-3 visas do not fall under dual intent classifications, you must demonstrate at the time of application that you intend to leave after fulfilling your employment commitments in the United States.

For an E-3 visa to be approved, you need a US employer who agrees to sponsor it and submit a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor confirming your job will meet certain specialist occupation criteria and that your wages will meet or surpass prevailing wages for that position.

Before filing Form I-129 with USCIS, an LCA must first be submitted. USCIS will adjudicate your petition in the same way they adjudicate other work visa applications such as an H-1B visa, so processing should take at least 6-8 months; premium processing can speed things up significantly if desired.

When applying for your E-3 visa at an US Consulate overseas, you will need to complete a DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application online Nonimmigrant Visa Application and schedule an interview with a consular officer. Wait times at US Consulates have become extremely long due to the coronavirus pandemic; as such it could take several months before an interview can be scheduled.

Once your interview is over and your E-3 visa approved, you will be able to work in your specialty occupation in the US. An extension may be applied for with USCIS or travel overseas and obtain it at one of their Consulates abroad.

As can be seen, applying for your E-3 visa at an overseas Consulate is much faster and more efficient. This is particularly relevant if you are already in the US on a visa waiver program such as ESTA and need to trigger E-3 eligibility through changing status either at Vermont Service Center or an overseas Consulate.