Important Things to Consider When Applying For E3 Visa

apply for e3 visa

Australian citizens looking to work in the United States may be eligible for an E3 visa, which lasts two years and can be extended indefinitely.

For an E3 visa to be approved, applicants must hold at least a bachelor’s degree and show evidence that they can perform their occupation within the US.


The E3 visa is open to Australian citizens who have received employment from a U.S. company in an occupation deemed specialties by USCIS, valid for two years with renewal options indefinitely available if their dependent spouse and children meet all necessary criteria for the E3 status.

To obtain an E3 visa in the US, your employer must sponsor you and file a Labor Condition Application (LCA), an employment-based immigration petition that requires them to pay wages as specified on your petition and verify that your work falls into one or more “specialty occupations.”

Your employer must also submit a statement of eligibility and other documentation to USCIS in addition to filing an LCA. USCIS will review your application to determine eligibility, and send a notice of intent if not.

An E3 visa application can be filed either inside the US or at one of its consulates abroad; though the latter option tends to be faster, due to international airfare costs. Professional Australians looking for work in the US frequently choose this visa which limits them to 10,500 annual visas while being much more cost effective than H1B applications.


The E3 visa provides Australian citizens with many advantages over its H-1B counterparts, including an easier application process, no cap restrictions and the option to bring family members along. Application costs are lower as well – although it’s essential that applicants understand all its basic requirements before making their decision about whether it suits them.

To qualify for an E3 visa in the US, you must secure an offer of employment with a specialty occupation from a US company and meet specific criteria. These may include possessing either a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience and highly specialized knowledge in your field, proficiency in English and having a sponsoring employer willing to pay the prevailing wage for that position; you also must demonstrate that your salary compares favorably with others in similar positions.

E3 visas offer many advantages, including concurrent employment. Their validity period ranges between two and four years and they can be renewed indefinitely; additionally, spouses and children of US workers can also obtain employment authorization in the US through this visa program.

The E3 visa provides Australian citizens who wish to work in the United States with an excellent non-immigrant option. Created under the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement, this non-immigrant visa requires approval by the Department of Labor in order for employers to employ them at a prevailing wage for specialty occupations that cannot find qualified US workers to fill them.

Processing time

The E-3 visa provides Australians who have received an employment offer in the United States with an ideal option for entry. It covers various specialty occupations and can be renewed indefinitely; additionally, spouses of E-3 holders can work there, unlike other visa categories such as H1B which don’t allow spouse work visas to operate. Furthermore, its annual cap of 10,500 E-3 visas has never been reached!

Application for an E-3 visa entails several steps, such as filling out a DS-160 form and providing supporting documentation. It is critical to submit all relevant paperwork correctly as incomplete documents could result in delays; applicants must also expect a lengthy wait until their visa arrives in their mailbox.

Once all requirements for an E-3 visa have been fulfilled, an applicant must attend an interview with a US consular officer either in Australia or at one of its consulates overseas. At this interview, the consular officer will decide if or not they grant the visa; applicants are strongly advised to engage a lawyer to prepare them for this interview.

If the E-3 visa is granted, its holder must travel to the United States with their passport and copy of their LCA. They also need an I-94 document which indicates how long they may remain in America.


The E3 visa provides several advantages to both US-based employers and their Australian employees, such as minimal application fees, fast processing time and multiple renewal options. It’s often chosen by U.S. firms looking for highly skilled talent abroad; however there are certain key considerations when applying for one.

Before applying for an E3 visa, it is wise to consult a professional immigration lawyer in order to make sure all requirements have been fulfilled. A lawyer can also help prepare an employment offer letter that meets eligibility criteria – this letter should be longer and more detailed than usual, to facilitate USCIS verification that it’s valid.

As well as an LCA, your prospective employer must submit Form I-129 with you for consideration of an LCA and certification of specialty occupation. In most cases, this form will be completed for you by them directly; however if necessary you can also complete it on your own if required.

E3 visas offer less fees than most work visa routes, including no fraud prevention/ACWIA fee and no filing fee for LCA applications. There is only a $100 visa issuance fee which should be paid twice in case your spouse plans on accompanying you.