The E-3 Visa for Australian Citizens – What is the Vetting Process of the Employer for the E3 Visa?

what is the vetting process of the employer for the e3 visa

E-3 Visa for Australian Citizens

The Department of Labor (DOL) oversees many aspects of visa compliance, such as prevailing wage determinations and employment authorization documents. They are also the ones responsible for authorizing most types of temporary work visas such as H-1B. For an E3 visa however, approval requires approval for a labor condition application (LCA).

LCAs serve to demonstrate that your new job meets the criteria of being considered a specialty occupation and demonstrate that its prevailing wage at least matches what it will pay you. Furthermore, employers are expected to make good faith efforts at hiring applicants before applying for an e3 visa – this amount is determined by the Department of Labor for each occupation and region and companies must present proof before an LCA can be approved.

Your employer must also provide you with an offer letter that clearly details the position and qualifications, along with salary offered for this position. This document must be signed on company letterhead and addressed specifically to you; additionally it should state that this position will be filled permanently at that salary, as well as that no strikes, lockouts or work stoppage are currently taking place at their company; should any such event arise then employers must inform DOL within three days from its start date so LCAs are not eligible until work resumes again.

If you are already in the US on a visa waiver program (such as B-1 or B2), changing to an e3 visa by filing an i-129 at an US Embassy or Consulate abroad may be an option for change. Or apply for the e3 visa prior to beginning work in the US.

The E3 visa provides Australians seeking work in the US with several advantages that other work visas don’t, including being able to bring spouses and children with them who can work freely and participate fully in American society without restrictions or limitations. Furthermore, unlike many other visas it allows an indefinite length of stay that renews automatically provided your sponsoring company remains willing.

In order to qualify for an E-3 visa, you must be employed in a specialty occupation that requires either a degree or equivalent experience, such as engineering, accounting, architecture, computer science and business administration. Furthermore, academic and occupational requirements including licensure where applicable must also be fulfilled. Each year only 10,500 E-3 visas can be issued by USCIS with unlimited renewal possibilities thereafter.