The E3 Visa – A Specialty Occupation Visa For Australian Citizens

e3 visa

The E3 visa is a specialty occupation visa open exclusively to Australian nationals. It is valid for two years and can be renewed indefinitely. It also allows the holder’s spouse and children to work in the US.

This visa offers many benefits to employers and employees, including low application costs, fast processing time, and simplified transitions between jobs. It is also not subject to an annual quota.


The E3 visa is a work-based nonimmigrant visa that offers Australian professionals the opportunity to pursue their career in the United States. The visa also allows them to bring their family with them. However, they must meet certain requirements, including a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and an offer of employment in a specialty occupation.

The US employer must file a Labor Condition Application (LCA) with the Department of Labor before hiring an E3 visa worker. This certifies that the job is a specialty occupation and that the company will pay the worker a fair prevailing wage.

The worker must present a valid passport. They must also complete Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker. This will contain information about the worker, their job, and their education and experience.

Application process

The E-3 visa is a work visa for Australian citizens with specialty occupation qualifications. It’s available to citizens of Australia and their spouses and children under the age of 21. Applicants must prove their educational qualifications and work experience and express a clear intent to return to Australia upon the termination of their employment in the US.

The process can take up to two months, and is much faster than applying for a change of status inside the United States. You’ll need to submit a Form I-129 petition and provide proof that your job is a specialty occupation. You’ll also need to attend a visa interview at the US Embassy or consulate. You’ll receive specific instructions when booking your appointment, including what you can and cannot bring.

Processing time

The US E3 visa is a popular work visa for Australian citizens. It is a direct application visa and does not require the filing of an I-129 petition with USCIS. However, it is not eligible for premium processing. To apply for an E3 visa, your employer must submit an LCA and complete Form DS-160 online. You must then attend a scheduled interview with a consular officer.

The E3 visa offers many benefits to both U.S. businesses and Australian workers. Some of these include low application costs, fast processing time, unlimited renewals, and simplified transitions between employers. In addition, the visa does not require immigration intent and is not subject to an annual lottery. It also allows for extensions of stay without counting against the 10,500 visa cap.


E-3 visas are a great way for Australian citizens to work in the United States. Unlike the H1B visa, E-3s allow spouses and children to move with them, and they are renewable indefinitely. This makes the visa an attractive option for employers seeking top talent.

To qualify for an E-3 visa, a worker must have a bachelor’s degree in their specialty and at least two years of relevant work experience. They also need to be offered a job that pays at or above the prevailing wage for the occupation.

Employers must file for labor certification with the Department of Labor, and employees applying from overseas must complete Form DS-160 online. The USCIS must then approve the petition for nonimmigrant worker and schedule a visa interview. Applicants may opt for Premium Processing, which adds a fee of $270 but guarantees a response within 15 days.


In the US, you can work on an E-3 visa for up to two years and it can be renewed indefinitely. If you want to extend your visa, you must submit a petition to USCIS. This is done through your employer and must be filed before your current visa expires. You can also apply for premium processing to speed up the process.

Your employer must file a labor condition application with the Department of Labor to sponsor your visa. This form is required to show that your job meets US immigration requirements and that the position pays a prevailing wage in your area of expertise.

The E-3 visa is not a path to permanent residency or Green Card, but it is a great option for Australian citizens looking for temporary employment in the United States. It is important to begin the process well in advance of your current visa expiration to avoid a gap in employment.