What is an E3 Visa?

The E3 visa permits Australian citizens to enter the US and work in specialty occupations. Like its H-1B counterpart, this temporary employment visa requires sponsorship by an US employer with an annual limit of 10,500 visas being issued annually. Furthermore, unlike most temporary employment visas it doesn’t require that there be a ready workforce in place at filing time – unlike other temporary work visas which do.

To be eligible for an E3 visa, applicants must possess either a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent professional experience. While formal training such as attending university is ideal, proof can also be demonstrated through professional experience or education – typically 12 years of responsible work in your specialty field is considered equivalent to earning one bachelor’s degree.

Your employer must submit a labor condition application (LCA) with the Department of Labor before you can begin working, which establishes that you will engage in qualifying work in a specialty occupation and be paid the prevailing wage for that position.

Apply for an E3 visa either from within the US or at one of our consulates abroad. If you already reside here and hold valid nonimmigrant status, submit a change of status application directly to one of the USCIS Service Centers for processing.

An e3 visa is valid for two years and can be extended in two-year increments indefinitely, unlike an H-1B visa which has a maximum number of extensions allowed. You may bring spouse and children under 21 along with you as long as they meet all other requirements for this type of visa.

As with any employment-based visa, your lawful stay in the US will end when your paid employment does. However, if you can demonstrate that it ended before your I-797 Approval Notice expired and have completed up to 60 days worth of paid work without it expiring on its own – please consult an immigration attorney regarding this process for guidance.

Though an E3 visa isn’t permanent work permit, you can still apply for a Green Card through another route. To apply using the PERM route you must have a job offer, complete a labor certification, and have supporting documents available – our team can assist with deciding the most appropriate path to follow for your individual case. Contact us to set up a consultation session with an E3 visa lawyer now, who will assess if this visa suits your needs before helping prepare all the necessary paperwork to secure it – with support provided after that too!