What Is an E3 Visa?

what is an e3 visa

If you are an Australian citizen looking to relocate to the US for employment purposes, an E3 Visa might be your ideal solution. While there are various working visa categories that apply, but only to Australian citizens specifically. Plus it’s relatively quick and simple to apply for, with none of the arduous internal filing processes that other categories require. In this article we’ll take a deeper look at this visa option and outline its steps and conditions that must be fulfilled to qualify.

What Is an E3 Visa? An E3 visa is a nonimmigrant category that allows Australian citizens to work in a specialty occupation in the US. These jobs typically require at least a bachelor’s degree or their equivalent for entry; furthermore, an employer in America must offer such positions that provide adequate wages that match or surpass market rate for that occupation.

Even though a certain number of E3 visas become available each year, employers often have ample vacancies that go unfilled – making the E3 an appealing solution for hiring talented employees.

An E3 visa holder may bring their spouse and any minor children (under 21) into the US with them, allowing the entire family to live and work there legally. Furthermore, their spouse can obtain an Employment Authorization Document so they can lawfully work there as well.

As opposed to other US visas that may require you to already be employed prior to applying for them, E-3 visas can be applied for directly at a US Consulate abroad, making this visa ideal for Australians wanting minimal disruption in their work environment.

Applying for an E-3 visa requires several documents, including a certified Labor Condition Application, an offer letter from your employer granting work in a specialty occupation in the U.S. and proof that either yourself or your spouse possess a license necessary to perform those duties of your new position. You’ll also need to submit the associated fees outlined in our blog post on E3 Visa Fees.

Noting the E-3 visa’s limited validity period, you should plan to exit the United States before its expiration. If you plan to remain after its expiration, reapplying will need to be done via Form I-129.